ActiveX control:
Adding user-defined items to the Control Menu of VFP form (requires VFP9)
Capturing keyboard activity of another application with the Raw Input API (VFP9)
Displaying icons in the system tray (VFP9)
Displaying the associated icons and descriptions for files and folders
Displaying Windows shell folders in TreeView control with Visual FoxPro FLL
Enumerating files opened on the network
GDI+: Implementing image scrolling with inertia
How to make a VFP form fading out when released (GDI+ version)
How to view icons stored in executable files (Icon Viewer) - II
Monitoring changes in a directory
Monitoring changes occurring within a directory
Retrieving national language settings
Retrieving top-child window for the VFP form
Saving available locale records into a cursor
Scanning the hierarchy of child windows down from the main VFP window
Switching between keyboard layouts
Using ActiveX control for adding a menu directly to a FoxPro MDI form
Using FoxTray ActiveX control: System Tray Icon and menu attached to VFP form
Using Video Capture: displaying on FoxPro form frames and previewing video obtained from a digital camera