Adding user-defined items to the Control Menu of VFP form (requires VFP9)
Attaching menu to a top-level form
Capturing keyboard activity of another application with the Raw Input API (VFP9)
Detecting changes in connections to removable drives (VFP9)
Displaying icons in the system tray (VFP9)
Displaying Windows shell folders in TreeView control with Visual FoxPro FLL
How to create non-blocking Winsock server
How to disable the Windows Clipboard (VFP9)
How to drag a Form not using its Titlebar or Caption
How to hot-track menu item selection in top-level form (requires VFP9)
How to intercept window messages sent to VFP form
Placing a button on the VFP form as a new child window
Reading the structure of VFP main menu
Transparent Menu Class (requires VFP9)
Using Common Controls: the Header Control