Capturing keyboard activity of another application with the Raw Input API (VFP9)
Class library providing access to the System Registry
Custom GDI+ class
Detecting changes in connections to removable drives (VFP9)
Disconnecting USB Mass Storage Device programmatically
Enhanced GetFont dialog
Enumerating connections made to a shared resource for the local computer (WinNT only)
Enumerating data formats currently available on the clipboard
Enumerating devices installed on the local machine
Enumerating files opened on the network
Enumerating forms supported by a specified printer
Enumerating global and local group accounts on a server (WinNT/XP/2K)
Enumerating MIDI output devices
Enumerating network interfaces on the local computer
Enumerating network resources
Enumerating network sessions established on a server
Enumerating ODBC Data Sources available on the local computer
Enumerating ODBC drivers available on the local computer
Enumerating Performance Counters
Enumerating ports that are available for printing on a specified server
Enumerating print jobs and retrieving information for default printer (JOB_INFO_1 structures)
Enumerating print processors and supporting data types installed on the specified server
Enumerating printer drivers installed
Enumerating Processes -- Win9*
Enumerating Processes -- WinNT
Enumerating raw input devices attached to the system (keyboard, mouse, human interface device)
Enumerating servers of the specified type (e.g. SQL Server) in the primary domain
Enumerating the subkeys for a given registry key
Enumerating the subkeys of a user-specific key
Enumerating Volumes and Volume Mounting Points (NTFS)
Enumerating Windows Sound Schemes avaialble to the current user
GDI+: enumerating fonts installed on the system
How to detect if additional monitor is connected and active
How to disable the Windows Clipboard (VFP9)
How to enumerate logon sessions on local computer
How to enumerate, add and delete shares on the local computer (WinNT/XP)
How to retrieve list of system DSNs (Data Source Name) with parameters
How to retrieve the number of print jobs queued for the printer
Mapping and disconnecting network drives
Monitoring changes in a directory
Monitoring changes occurring within a directory
Monitoring clipboard content changes (VFP9)
Obtaining heap handles and enumerating memory blocks for the current VFP session (WinNT only)
Obtaining names of local and global groups for current user (WinNT/XP/2K)
Obtaining OS memory performance information
Pocket PC: custom RAPI class for operating with the Object Store Databases
Pocket PC: enumerating mounted database volumes and databases in the Object Store
Quering waveform-audio output devices
Retrieving list of available disk drives
Retrieving the name of the default printer for the current user on the local computer (Win NT/XP)
Simple Window Viewer
Terminating all running applications from a VFP program
Testing serial ports
Using EnumPrinters function to enumerate locally installed printers
Using File Mapping for enumerating files opened by Visual FoxPro
Using Video Capture: enumerating installed capture drivers