vfp form:
Adding user-defined items to the Control Menu of VFP form (requires VFP9)
Animating a transition of the VFP form (a wire-frame rectangle)
Attaching menu to a top-level form
Capturing keyboard activity of another application with the Raw Input API (VFP9)
Detecting changes in connections to removable drives (VFP9)
Disabling drawing in the VFP form
Displaying animated images on FoxPro form with BitBlt and StretchBlt functions
Displaying dimmed window behind VFP top-level form
Displaying hypertext links with the SysLink control (VFP9, Comctl32.dll)
Displaying icons in the system tray (VFP9)
Displaying the associated icons and descriptions for files and folders
Displaying Windows shell folders in TreeView control with Visual FoxPro FLL
Dragging files from Explorer window and dropping them on FoxPro control (requires VFP9)
Form Magnifier
How to draw custom Window Caption on FoxPro form
How to hot-track menu item selection in top-level form (requires VFP9)
How to intercept window messages sent to VFP form
How to make a VFP form fading out when released (GDI version)
How to make a VFP form fading out when released (GDI+ version)
How to make the caption of a VFP application flashing in the Windows task bar
How to play AVI file on the _screen
How to put a horizontal text scrolling on the form (a news line, marquee)
How to put a vertical text scrolling on the form (a movie cast)
Monitoring clipboard content changes (VFP9)
Moving shortcut to a specified position on the Windows Desktop
Placing a button on the VFP form as a new child window
Placing On-screen Alert on top of all windows
Reading the structure of VFP main menu
Retrieving top-child window for the VFP form
Scanning the hierarchy of child windows down from the main VFP window
Storing screen shot of a form to bitmap file
Storing screen shot of a form to enhanced metafile (*.emf)
Testing Transparent Menu Class with top-level form (requires VFP9)
Transparent Menu Class (requires VFP9)
Using ActiveX control for adding a menu directly to a FoxPro MDI form
Using FlashWindowEx to flash the taskbar button of the VFP application
Using FoxTray ActiveX control: System Tray Icon and menu attached to VFP form
Using the LoadImage function to have a bitmap file loaded and displayed on VFP main window
Using WM_COPYDATA for interprocess communication (VFP9)
Windows Shell Icons displayed and exported to ICO files (Vista)