vfp window:
Accessing Adobe Reader 7.0 main menu from VFP application
Accessing the list of Windows Recent Documents
Attaching menu to a top-level form
Bitmap Class for Visual FoxPro application
Capturing keyboard activity of another application with the Raw Input API (VFP9)
Confining Windows calculator inside the VFP main window
Disabling mouse and keyboard input for the main VFP window (with the app still running)
Drawing standard Windows icons
GDI+ fun: roach-infested desktop
GDI+: saving image of FoxPro form to graphics file (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF)
GetFocus returns a HWND value
How to activate Windows Calculator
How to control Adobe Reader 9.0 (SDI mode) from VFP application
How to copy the image of a form to the Clipboard using Bitmap API functions
How to print a bitmap file
How to print FoxPro form
How to print FoxPro form -- II
Minimizing all running applications
Obtaining window class name for the main VFP window
Placing an arbitrary rectangular area of main VFP window on the Clipboard
Printing text on the client area of the main VFP window
Printing text on the main VFP window
Retrieving information about the main VFP window
Retrieving long values associated with the class of the VFP window
Retrieving Window Class information for the VFP window
Running a regular FoxPro form while main VFP window is minimized
Scanning the hierarchy of child windows down from the main VFP window
Storing content of the Clipboard to a bitmap file
Storing screen shot of a form to bitmap file
Terminating all running applications from a VFP program
Transparent Menu Class (requires VFP9)
Using ActiveX control for adding a menu directly to a FoxPro MDI form
Using FlashWindowEx to flash the taskbar button of the VFP application
Using IsChild() for testing ThisForm.ShowWindow property
Using the NetMessageBufferSend to send messages on the network