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Canadian Journal of the Science and Practice of Iridology and Preventive Health Care
Issue #10
The Orthogenesis Laser: A Therapy of the Future
By Evelyn Chau
The term laser therapy has traditionally been associated with cosmetic or eye surgery. However, a new, gentler form of laser therapy called Orthogenesis 2000 is making small waves in the world of healing.
Using laser to help the body heal is logical, holistic, as well as scientifically prudent. After all, light is the second most important environmental input, after food, in controlling bodily functions.
In 1917, Einstein established the physical principle of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In doing so, he paved the way for the development of the LASER. In 1960, Theodoro H. Maiman constructed the world’s first laser using a ruby crystal, now known as the ruby laser.
The Orthogenesis laser therapy practiced by Toronto chiropractor Dr. Nitin Dilawri, uses multiple wavelengths rather than the traditional single wavelength. Its rays penetrate up to 6 cm where most lasers go in 2 to 3 cm. This is highly significant because the laser is now able to access organs, ligaments, discs and deep tissue injuries.
Saying that this laser helps the body heal itself sounds like a cliché these days, but the body does respond by increasing its production of healing proteins and enzymes, which degrade scar tissue and clear cellular debris. Specific low energy light wavelengths are used to stimulate cellular metabolism, drastically reducing healing time for acute and chronic injuries.
The multiple wavelength system also creates synergy, increasing healing effects. What’s more, energetic blocks or excesses can be balanced. Acu-stimulation and meridian therapy is used to activate qi, or energy, within the body.
Lisa, a forty-three year old artist, had terrible pain in her lower back that extended to her legs. In addition, her neck was severely injured in an accident. She described the intensity of her pain as ten out often. What helped her out of the abyss was a series of treatments over six months with the Orthogenesis laser plus pineapple enzyme, or bromelain.
Robert Desrosiers, one of Canada’s pre-eminent dancers/choreographers, neatly sidesteps hip replacement surgery with the same laser therapy. As he tells it, the gruelling demands of dancing has resulted in severe pain in his right hip. He switched to choreography, but the pain prevented him from demonstrating the dance steps he has created. Regular treatments with Dr. Dilawri’s laser system have created stability in his joints and allow him to function without surgery.
The Orthogenesis Bio-Energetic system also helps prevent surgical intervention in the following conditions: low back pain, disc degeneration and sciatica. However, the most remarkable success of this laser system is with osteoarthritis of the joints and spine. Studies found that 90% of patients who receive regular treatments reported significant relief of pain. How is that achieved? The emissions of laser waves slow down degenerative arthritis by stimulating production of connective tissue. Surprising, as it may seem, the Orthogenesis laser is also highly effective with wound healing. 85% of patients who received this therapy reported considerable improvement in the healing of gastric, duodenal and esophageal ulcers. Notable success is also demonstrated in treating post-operative wounds, diabetic ulcers, burns and open wounds.
The Orthogenesis laser beam consists of gentle light waves that penetrate tissues — waves corresponding to the mathematical ratio known as the Golden Mean. The name suggests equilibrium and it describes the harmony found in nature.
This ideal state can be achieved by using light waves to optimize the structure of cells, allowing for efficient healing.
Evelyn Chau is a Toronto-based technical writer
The Canadian Institute of Iridology

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