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Dec 21, 2005. News2News
Summary: The ApiViewer, an offline mirror of this reference, is available for download in two versions: demo and full. In the full version, offline VFP database contains descriptions and declarations for almost 1000 API functions currently available on the web site. It also includes more than 250 VFP code samples showing how to use API calls. A list of Win32 constants, about 50 thousand records, is a bonus.

Download demo-to-full version
Upgrade to full version
The Database
Internet Updates
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Frequently Asked Questions
Download demo-to-full version
  • Download Windows Installer Package (apiviewer.msi)
  • Download archive file (

    For archive file: unpack all files from the archive to a folder and start either APIVIEWER8.EXE or APIVIEWER9.EXE, depending on VFP version installed on your computer. The executables are completely functional and the database contains about a quarter of the records that come with a full version.
  • Upgrade to full version
    There are 300 functions and 30 code samples in the demo version.

    Compare it to almost 1000 functions and more than 250 code samples (about a half of all samples available online) you get with a full version.

    Plus for the next 12 months your ApiViewer database can receive updates from New2News web server.

    To upgrade the database (ApiViewer executable stays the same),
    purchase an activation key. If you use PayPal, the key will be sent to you in email immediately after your payment.

    * * *
    To activate your copy of ApiViewer, start the application, open Help menu and click on About ApiViewer menu item.

    Enter your email address in the first textbox. The textbox has Licensed To caption.

    In the second textbox, which has Product ID caption, enter the Product ID received in email.

    Click Ok to close the form.

    * * *
    After the activation key is installed, run Apiviewer Database and W32 Constants table remote updates.

    Open Help menu on the main form and click on Check for Database Updates menu item. Proceed with the update.

    Once the first data update is complete, download the list of Windows constants.

    Open Help menu on the main form and click on Download W32_CONSTANTS table menu item. Proceed with the update. If this menu item is grayed, the table is already up to date.

    Click to open a page
    with Visual FoxPro ApiViewer screenshots...

    The Database
    Offline VFP database stores descriptions and declarations for almost 1000 API functions that currently available on the web site. It also contains about 250 VFP code samples, good to learn basics of Windows programming in Visual FoxPro.

    The list of Win32 constants, about 50 thousand records, is a bonus. Whenever you get confused with where to find values for LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_DATAFILE or for WM_QUIT, it comes helpful.

    The database stays up to date with the web site due to the Internet Update functionality included in the ApiViewer.
    The GUI
    The shell (top-level form) is simple and easy to operate.

    Descriptions of API functions and code samples are displayed in the Web Browser control. All web pages are generated on the fly from ApiViewer database records. Through the BeforeNavigate2 Event the Web control interacts with other controls on the form.

    Use Internet Explorer with Your VFP Applications, an article written by Rick Strahl, was my starting point in creating this interface.

    The Edit box at the bottom is used to accumulate whatever you want to copy and paste: declarations, #DEFINE statements, program code fragments.
    For each function or a group of functions, a list of available code samples is displayed.

    The registered user gets an access to more than 250 VFP code samples from more than 500 samples available online.

    When code sample is displayed in the Web Browser control, each API function inside has HREF link to its description. These links are also generated on the fly.
    Searchable list of Windows constants hardly needs any explanation at all. The keyword can be any part of a constant. Use % as a wildcard character.
    Internet Updates
    As soon as a function or a code sample on this web site is added or modified, this update becomes available to all registered ApiViewer users through the Internet Update functionality included in the main menu.

    The database update requires just a mouse click. The ApiViewer sends several HTTP requests to a PHP script on the News2News server.

    The server returns XML-formatted responses that contains database records modified since the last update. The date of the last update for each registered user is stored on the server.

    The data exchange between the application and the server is programmed using several WinINet API functions and the XmlAdapter class.
    Send Feedback
    Thanks for visiting ApiViewer for Visual FoxPro page and for taking the time to read it up to this point. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us using the following email address:
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Does ApiViewer subscription include all code samples available in this reference?

    A: ApiViewer subscription includes only basic code samples, about a half of those available online. To access advanced code samples
    subscribe to online membership.
    Dec 21, 2005. News2News

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