Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
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An alternative way of setting Form.Closable to False

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  • PUBLIC oForm
    oForm = CREATEOBJECT("TestForm")
    oForm.Visible = .T.
    DEFINE CLASS TestForm As Form
        Caption="Closing button, ahem... disabled"
    PROCEDURE Activate
    PROCEDURE Resize
    PROCEDURE RegionOn
        LOCAL lnBtnWidth, lnBtnHeight, hRgnBase,;
            hRgnExcl, hWindow, x1,y1
        * or use SYSMETRIC
        lnBtnWidth = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSIZE) +;
            GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXFRAME) + 1
        lnBtnHeight = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSIZE) +;
            GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYFRAME) + 1
        hWindow = GetFocus()
    *    hWindow = ThisForm.HWnd
        THIS.GetFormRect(hWindow, @x1,@y1)
        hRgnBase = CreateRectRgn(0,0,x1,y1)
        hRgnExcl = CreateRectRgn(x1-lnBtnWidth,0,;
        = CombineRgn(hRgnBase, hRgnBase,;
            hRgnExcl, RGN_XOR)
        = SetWindowRgn(hWindow, hRgnBase, 1)
        = DeleteObject(hRgnBase)
        = DeleteObject(hRgnExcl)
    PROCEDURE GetFormRect(hWindow, x1,y1) 
        LOCAL lpRect
        lpRect = SPACE(16)
        = GetWindowRect(hWindow, @lpRect)
        x1 = THIS.buf2dword(SUBSTR(lpRect, 9,4)) -;
            THIS.buf2dword(SUBSTR(lpRect, 1,4))
        y1 = THIS.buf2dword(SUBSTR(lpRect, 13,4)) -;
            THIS.buf2dword(SUBSTR(lpRect, 5,4))
    FUNCTION buf2dword(cBuffer)
    RETURN Asc(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 1,1)) + ;
        BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 2,1)), 8) +;
        BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 3,1)), 16) +;
        BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 4,1)), 24)
    PROCEDURE declare
        DECLARE INTEGER GetSystemMetrics IN user32;
            INTEGER nIndex
        DECLARE INTEGER DeleteObject IN gdi32;
            INTEGER hObject
        DECLARE INTEGER GetFocus IN user32
        DECLARE SetWindowRgn IN user32;
            INTEGER hWindow, INTEGER hRgn, SHORT bRedraw
        DECLARE SHORT GetWindowRect IN user32;
            INTEGER hWindow, STRING @lpRect
        DECLARE INTEGER CreateRectRgn IN gdi32;
            INTEGER nLeftRect, INTEGER nTopRect,;
            INTEGER nRightRect, INTEGER nBottomRect
        DECLARE INTEGER CombineRgn IN gdi32; 
            INTEGER hrgnDest, INTEGER hrgnSrc1,;
            INTEGER hrgnSrc2,;
            INTEGER fnCombineMode

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    Visual FoxPro 8.0 Samples: Creating Irregularly Shaped Windows Sample.
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