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How to retrieve the size of a remote file (FTP)

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    #DEFINE GENERIC_READ 0x80000000
    #DEFINE GENERIC_WRITE 0x40000000
        PUBLIC hOpen, hFtpSession
        DO declare
        IF connect2ftp ("ftp.???.???", "???", "???")
            lcRemoteFile = "fpttest/win32api.txt"
            hFile = FtpOpenFile(hFtpSession, lcRemoteFile,;
            IF hFile <> 0
                LOCAL lnSizeHigh
                lnSizeHigh = 0
                ? "Remote file size:", FtpGetFileSize (hFile, @lnSizeHigh)
                = InternetCloseHandle (hFile)
            = InternetCloseHandle (hFtpSession)
            = InternetCloseHandle (hOpen)
    PROCEDURE declare
        DECLARE INTEGER InternetOpen IN wininet;
            STRING sAgent, INTEGER lAccessType,;
            STRING sProxyName, STRING sProxyBypass, STRING lFlags
        DECLARE INTEGER InternetCloseHandle IN wininet INTEGER hInet  
        DECLARE INTEGER InternetConnect IN wininet;
            INTEGER hInternetSession, STRING sServerName,;
            INTEGER nServerPort, STRING sUsername, STRING sPassword,;
            INTEGER lService, INTEGER lFlags, INTEGER lContext
        DECLARE INTEGER FtpOpenFile IN wininet; 
            INTEGER hFtpSession, STRING sFileName,; 
            INTEGER lAccess, INTEGER lFlags, INTEGER lContext 
        DECLARE INTEGER FtpGetFileSize IN wininet;
            INTEGER hFile, INTEGER @lpdwFileSizeHigh
    FUNCTION  connect2ftp (strHost, strUser, strPwd) 
        * open access to Inet functions  
        hOpen = InternetOpen ("w32rmsize",;
                INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT, 0, 0, 0)  
        IF hOpen = 0  
            ? "Unable to get access to WinInet.Dll"
            RETURN .F.
        * connect to FTP
        hFtpSession = InternetConnect (hOpen, strHost,;
            strUser, strPwd, INTERNET_SERVICE_FTP, 0, 0)
        IF hFtpSession = 0
        * close access to Inet functions and exit
            = InternetCloseHandle (hOpen)
            ? "FTP " + strHost + " is not available"
            RETURN .F.
            ? "Connected to " + strHost + " as: [" + strUser + ", *****]"
    RETURN .T.

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    Created: 2001-07-25 12:00:00  
    Modified: 2013-09-10 16:31:12  
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    My comment:
    The code does not process the high-order part lpdwFileSizeHigh. Process this part for obtaining sizes of files larger than 4 GBytes.

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    2013-Jul-08: WebRequestMethods.Ftp.GetFileSize fails with error 550: SIZE not allowed in ASCII mode.

    Apparently there is no way to make the FtpWebRequest to send the TYPE I command before the SIZE ?.
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    User Contributed Notes:
    Bill Coupe | 2006-07-27 09:40:21
    This works great on standard FTP sites, however when FTP'ing from a mainframe (IBM 3390) the function always returns zero (0)...

    Any ideas/functions for discovering the size of the remote file in this situation?

    A.M. | 2006-07-27 11:41:00
    Bill, I'm afraid this is how FTP protocol is implemented on mainframe's side.

    You may try using raw FTP command SIZE via FtpCommand or Winsock calls. Though I'm afraid that FtpGetFileSize is just a wrapper around this one.
    Bill Coupe | 2006-07-31 10:29:34
    Yep... I discovered that the 'info' is sort of returned in terms of blocks, blocksize and record size and that an 'estimate' is possible but not an exact value.

    Frustrating, but, not the end of the world!

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