Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
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Retrieving file information for the VFP executable running

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Before you begin:
API calls GetModuleFileName and GetFileInformationByHandle are used to obtain information about the file behind the current process.
The latter returns populated BY_HANDLE_FILE_INFORMATION structure.

See also:
  • How to retrieve version information for the specified file
  • Showing the Properties dialog box for a file (ShellExecuteEx)
  • Basic Volume Information
  • DO decl
    *| typedef struct _BY_HANDLE_FILE_INFORMATION {
    *|   DWORD    dwFileAttributes;       0:4
    *|   FILETIME ftCreationTime;         4:8
    *|   FILETIME ftLastAccessTime;      12:8
    *|   FILETIME ftLastWriteTime;       20:8
    *|   DWORD    dwVolumeSerialNumber;  28:4
    *|   DWORD    nFileSizeHigh;         32:4
    *|   DWORD    nFileSizeLow;          36:4
    *|   DWORD    nNumberOfLinks;        40:4
    *|   DWORD    nFileIndexHigh;        44:4
    *|   DWORD    nFileIndexLow;         48:4 total 52 bytes
    #DEFINE OF_READ              0
    #DEFINE HFILE_ERROR         -1
    * file type constants
    LOCAL lcFilename, lcFileInfo, lcReopenBuf, hFile,;
        lnFiletype, lnResult
    lcReopenBuf = Repli(Chr(0), 250)
    lcFilename = GetModuleName()
    hFile = OpenFile(lcFilename,;
        @lcReopenBuf, OF_READ+OF_SHARE_DENY_NONE)
    IF hFile = HFILE_ERROR
        ? "Error opening file"
    lcFileInfo = Repli(Chr(0), FILEINFO_SIZE)
    lnResult = GetFileInformationByHandle(hFile, @lcFileInfo)
    lnFiletype = GetFileType(hFile)
    = CloseHandle(hFile)
    IF lnResult <> 0
        ? "Target file:", lcFilename
        ? "File type:", lnFiletype
        ? "File attributes: ", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcFileInfo, 1,4))
        * the serial number of the volume that contains the file
        ? "Volume serial number:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcFileInfo, 29,4))
        ? "File size high:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcFileInfo, 33,4))
        ? "File size low:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcFileInfo, 37,4))
        * the number of links to this file
        * for the FAT file system this member is always 1
        ? "Number of links:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcFileInfo, 41,4))
        * FileIndex: this identifier and the volume serial number 
        * uniquely identify a file.
        * An application can use this identifier and the volume 
        * serial number to determine whether two handles refer 
        * to the same file.
        ? "File index high:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcFileInfo, 45,4))
        ? "File index low:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcFileInfo, 49,4))
    FUNCTION  GetModuleName
    * retrieves the full path and file name 
    * for the VFP executable running
        LOCAL lcBuffer, lnLen
        lcBuffer = SPACE(512)
        lnLen = GetModuleFileName(0, @lcBuffer, Len(lcBuffer))
    RETURN  Left(lcBuffer, lnLen)
    FUNCTION  buf2dword (lcBuffer)
    RETURN Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 1,1)) + ;
        Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 2,1)) * 256 +;
        Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 3,1)) * 65536 +;
        Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 4,1)) * 16777216
    PROCEDURE  decl
        DECLARE INTEGER CloseHandle IN kernel32 INTEGER hObject
        DECLARE INTEGER GetFileInformationByHandle IN kernel32;
            INTEGER hFile, STRING @lpFileInformation
        DECLARE INTEGER OpenFile IN kernel32;
            STRING lpFileName, STRING @lpReOpenBuff, INTEGER wStyle 
        DECLARE INTEGER GetModuleFileName IN kernel32;
            INTEGER hModule, STRING @lpFilename, INTEGER nSize
        DECLARE INTEGER GetFileType IN kernel32 INTEGER hFile

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    My comment:
    The Volume Serial Number value obtained through this code is more accurate comparing to this example: Basic Volume Information. Since the result of the latter is often interpreted by the VFP as a signed integer.
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