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Enumerating servers of the specified type (e.g. SQL Server) in the primary domain

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  • * Specifies the type of software the computer is running
    DO declare
        * testing various server lists
    *    = EnumServers(SV_TYPE_PRINTQ_SERVER)
    *    = EnumServers(SV_TYPE_SERVER)
        = EnumServers(SV_TYPE_SQLSERVER)
    *    = EnumServers(SV_TYPE_SERVER_NT)
    *    = EnumServers(SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_CTRL)
    *    = EnumServers(SV_TYPE_ALL)
    PROCEDURE EnumServers(lnServerType)
    #DEFINE SINFO_101_SIZE       24
    *| typedef struct _SERVER_INFO_101 {
    *|   DWORD     sv101_platform_id;     4
    *|   LPWSTR    sv101_name;            4
    *|   DWORD     sv101_version_major;   4
    *|   DWORD     sv101_version_minor;   4
    *|   DWORD     sv101_type;            4
    *|   LPWSTR    sv101_comment;         4
        LOCAL lnBuffer, lnCountRead, lnCountTotal, lnResult
        STORE 0 TO lnBuffer, lnCountRead, lnCountTotal
        WAIT WINDOW "Requesting data..." NOWAIT
        lnResult = NetServerEnum(0, 101, @lnBuffer, MAX_PREFERRED_LENGTH,;
            @lnCountRead, @lnCountTotal, lnServerType, 0, 0)
        WAIT CLEAR
        IF lnResult <> 0
        *  87 = The parameter is incorrect
        * 234 = More data is available
            ? "Error code:", lnResult
            LOCAL lcBuffer, lnBufLen, lnEntry, lnPlatformId, lnNamePtr,;
                lnMajorVer, lnMinorVer, lnSofttype, lnMemoPtr,;
                lcServerName, lcServerMemo
            * creating resulting cursor
            CREATE CURSOR csResult (platformid N(12), servername C(30),;
                majorver N(12), minorver N(12), softtype N(12), comment C(250))
            * copying the resulting array of SERVER_INFO_101 structures 
            * to a VFP string
            lnBufLen = lnCountRead * SINFO_101_SIZE
            lcBuffer = Repli(Chr(0), lnBufLen)
            = Heap2String(@lcBuffer, lnBuffer, lnBufLen)
            * scanning resulting array
            FOR lnEntry = 1 TO lnCountRead
                lcServerInfo = SUBSTR(lcBuffer,;
                    (lnEntry-1)*SINFO_101_SIZE+1, SINFO_101_SIZE)
                lnPlatformId = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcServerInfo,  1,4))
                lnNamePtr    = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcServerInfo,  5,4))
                lnMajorVer   = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcServerInfo,  9,4))
                lnMinorVer   = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcServerInfo, 13,4))
                lnSofttype   = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcServerInfo, 17,4))
                lnMemoPtr    = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcServerInfo, 21,4))
                lcServerName = GetStrFromMem(lnNamePtr)
                lcServerMemo = GetStrFromMem(lnMemoPtr)
                WAIT WINDOW lcServerName NOWAIT
                INSERT INTO csResult VALUES (lnPlatformId, lcServerName,;
                    lnMajorVer, lnMinorVer, lnSofttype, lcServerMemo)
            WAIT CLEAR
        * releasing the memory block allocated regardless of the result
        * by OS within NetServerEnum call 
        = NetApiBufferFree(lnBuffer)
        IF USED("csResult")
            SELECT csResult
            GO TOP
    FUNCTION GetStrFromMem(lnMemBlock)
    * converting memory allocated Unicode string to a VFP string
    #DEFINE StrBufferLength 250
        LOCAL lcBuffer
        lcBuffer = SPACE(StrBufferLength)
        = Heap2String(@lcBuffer, lnMemBlock, StrBufferLength)
        lcBuffer = SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 1, AT(Chr(0)+Chr(0),lcBuffer)-1)
    RETURN STRTRAN(lcBuffer, Chr(0),"")
    FUNCTION buf2dword(lcBuffer)
    RETURN Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 1,1)) + ;
        Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 2,1)) * 256 +;
        Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 3,1)) * 65536 +;
        Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 4,1)) * 16777216
    PROCEDURE declare
        DECLARE INTEGER NetServerEnum IN netapi32;
            INTEGER servername, INTEGER level, INTEGER @ bufptr,;
            INTEGER prefmaxlen, INTEGER @ entriesread, INTEGER @ totalentries,;
            INTEGER servertype, INTEGER domain, INTEGER resume_handle
        DECLARE INTEGER NetApiBufferFree IN netapi32 INTEGER Buffer
        DECLARE RtlMoveMemory IN kernel32 As Heap2String;
            STRING @ Destination, INTEGER Source, INTEGER nLength

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