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Retrieving information about the specified icon

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DO declare

*| typedef struct _ICONINFO { 
*|   BOOL    fIcon;      0:4
*|   DWORD   xHotspot;   4:4
*|   DWORD   yHotspot;   8:4
*|   HBITMAP hbmMask;   12:4
*|   HBITMAP hbmColor;  16:4
*| } ICONINFO; total bytes = 20

LOCAL lcModule, lnIndex, hIcon, lcBuffer

lcModule = GetModuleName()
lnIndex = 0   && icon index

* retrieving an icon handle 
hIcon = ExtractAssociatedIcon(0, lcModule, @lnIndex)

= GetIconInfo(hIcon, @lcBuffer)

? "Module name:", lcModule
? "Icon handle:", hIcon
? "*** Icon info"
? "Icon=1, Cursor=0:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcBuffer,1,4))
? "X hotspot:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcBuffer,5,4))
? "Y hotspot:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcBuffer,9,4))
? "Bitmask Bitmap:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcBuffer,13,4))
? "Color Bitmap:", buf2dword(SUBSTR(lcBuffer,17,4))

= DestroyIcon(hIcon)
* end of main

FUNCTION GetModuleName
    LOCAL lcFilename, lnLen
    lcFilename = SPACE(BUF_SIZE)
    lnLen = GetModuleFileName(0, @lcFilename, BUF_SIZE)
RETURN  Left(lcFilename, lnLen)

FUNCTION buf2dword(cBuffer)
RETURN Asc(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 1,1)) + ;
    BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 2,1)),  8) +;
    BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 3,1)), 16) +;
    BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 4,1)), 24)

    DECLARE SHORT DestroyIcon IN user32 INTEGER hIcon

    DECLARE INTEGER GetModuleFileName IN kernel32;
        INTEGER hModule, STRING @lpFilename, INTEGER nSize

    DECLARE INTEGER ExtractAssociatedIcon IN shell32;
        INTEGER hInst, STRING lpIconPath, INTEGER @lpiIcon

    DECLARE INTEGER GetIconInfo IN user32;
        INTEGER hIcon, STRING @piconinfo

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My comment:
First this code retrieves the handle to the icon (index=0) for the VFP executable module. Then it uses the GetIconInfo function to obtain some of this icon`s properties.
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