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Running a regular FoxPro form while main VFP window is minimized

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Before you begin:
This code changes a parent window for the given form to the Windows Desktop.
PUBLIC objForm
objForm = CreateObject("Tform")
objForm.Visible = .T.

PROTECTED formstatus

    THIS.formstatus = 0

    IF THIS.formstatus = 1

    DECLARE INTEGER GetDesktopWindow IN user32
    DECLARE INTEGER GetFocus IN user32
    DECLARE INTEGER SetParent IN user32;
        INTEGER hWndChild, INTEGER hWndNewParent

    LOCAL hForm, hDesktop
    hDesktop = GetDesktopWindow()
    hForm = GetFocus()

    * if successfully changing the parent window for this form
    * then minimizing the main VFP window

    IF SetParent (hForm, hDesktop) <> 0
        THIS.formstatus = 1
        _SCREEN.WindowState = 1


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My comment:
It makes the form less dependent on the main VFP window. Its icon even appears on the Windows toolbar.

As I can see some more adjustments should be done to the form through the SetWindowLong function, since it is not possible to put it on top when it is hidden by other windows.
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