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Displaying the drive type value

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See also:

  • Basic Volume information
  • Setting the volume label
  • Disk in drive A:
  • Obtaining physical parameters for a drive: sectors, clusters, cylinders...
    DECLARE INTEGER GetDriveType IN kernel32 STRING nDrive
    DECLARE INTEGER RealDriveType IN shell32;
        INTEGER iDrive, INTEGER fOKToHitNet
    LOCAL nIndex, nType
    FOR nIndex=Asc("A") TO Asc("Z")
        * both functions return identical results
        nType = RealDriveType(nIndex-65, 0)
    *    nType = GetDriveType(Chr(nIndex) + ":")
        DO CASE
            ? Chr(nIndex)+":", "removable"
        CASE nType = DRIVE_FIXED
            ? Chr(nIndex)+":", "fixed"
        CASE nType = DRIVE_REMOTE
            ? Chr(nIndex)+":", "remote"
        CASE nType = DRIVE_CDROM
            ? Chr(nIndex)+":", "CDROM"
        CASE nType = DRIVE_RAMDISK
            ? Chr(nIndex)+":", "RAM"

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