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Drawing a window caption using the DrawCaption routine

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DO decl


LOCAL hWindowSrc, hWindowTrg, hDC

* the caption of this window is to be drawn
* actually you can supply a handle for any other window
hWindowSrc = GetActiveWindow()

* the target device context - to draw the caption on
hWindowTrg = GetFocus()
hDC = GetWindowDC(hWindowTrg)

* drawing the caption of the source window
* each time with different options

= DrawCaption(hWindowTrg, hDC,;
    GetRect(100, 200, 400, 220), DC_ICON+DC_TEXT)

= DrawCaption(hWindowTrg, hDC,;
    GetRect(100, 222, 400, 242), DC_ACTIVE+DC_ICON+DC_TEXT)

* releasing the target device context
= ReleaseDC(hWindowTrg, hDC)
* end of main

FUNCTION  GetRect (lnLeft, lnTop, lnRight, lnBottom)
* returns the RECT structure (four DWORDs) filled with the values
RETURN num2dword(lnLeft) + num2dword(lnTop) +;
    num2dword(lnRight) + num2dword(lnBottom)

FUNCTION  num2dword (lnValue) 
#DEFINE m0       256
#DEFINE m1     65536
#DEFINE m2  16777216
    LOCAL b0, b1, b2, b3
    b3 = Int(lnValue/m2)
    b2 = Int((lnValue - b3 * m2)/m1)
    b1 = Int((lnValue - b3*m2 - b2*m1)/m0)
    b0 = Mod(lnValue, m0)
RETURN Chr(b0)+Chr(b1)+Chr(b2)+Chr(b3)

    DECLARE INTEGER GetActiveWindow IN user32
    DECLARE INTEGER GetFocus IN user32
    DECLARE INTEGER GetWindowDC IN user32 INTEGER hwnd

    DECLARE INTEGER DrawCaption IN user32;
        INTEGER hwnd, INTEGER hdc,;
        STRING lprc, INTEGER uFlags

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