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Retrieving configuration information for the specified workstation (Win2000/XP)

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Before you begin:
Check similar example Retrieving configuration information for the specified server (Win2000/XP).
#DEFINE NERR_Success 0
DO decl

PRIVATE hBuffer, cBuffer
LOCAL cServer, nLevel, nResult, nBufsize
*cServer = Null
*cServer = STRCONV("MYSERVER"+CHR(0), 5)  && sufficient access level

nResult = NetWkstaGetInfo(cServer, nLevel, @hBuffer)
IF nResult <> NERR_Success
    ? "Error code:", nResult

= NetApiBufferSize(hBuffer, @nBufsize)

cBuffer = REPLICATE(CHR(0), nBufsize)
= CopyMemory(@cBuffer, hBuffer, nBufsize)

*|typedef struct _WKSTA_INFO_102 {
*|  DWORD wki102_platform_id;      0:4
*|  LMSTR wki102_computername;     4:4
*|  LMSTR wki102_langroup;         8:4
*|  DWORD wki102_ver_major;       12:4
*|  DWORD wki102_ver_minor;       16:4
*|  LMSTR wki102_lanroot;         20:4
*|  DWORD wki102_logged_on_users; 24:4
*|} WKSTA_INFO_102,... total bytes 28

CREATE CURSOR cs (prm C(30), vlu C(100))

nPlatformId = buf2dword(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 1,4))
INSERT INTO cs VALUES ("Platform ID", LTRIM(STR(nPlatformId)))
= NetApiBufferFree(hBuffer)

cComputerName = GetStr(5)
INSERT INTO cs VALUES ("Computer name", m.cComputerName)

cLangroup = GetStr(9)
INSERT INTO cs VALUES ("LAN Group", m.cLangroup)

nVerMajor = buf2dword(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 13,4))
INSERT INTO cs VALUES ("OS major version", LTRIM(STR(m.nVerMajor)))

nVerMinor = buf2dword(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 17,4))
INSERT INTO cs VALUES ("OS minor version", LTRIM(STR(m.nVerMinor)))

cLangroot = GetStr(21)
INSERT INTO cs VALUES ("LANMAN directory", m.cLangroot)

nLogged = buf2dword(SUBSTR(cBuffer, 25,4))
INSERT INTO cs VALUES ("Logged users", LTRIM(STR(m.nLogged)))

*CREATE CURSOR cc (ch C(1), asc I)
*FOR ii=1 TO LEN(cBuffer)
*    ch = SUBSTR(cBuffer, ii,1)

* end of main

FUNCTION GetStr(nOffs)
    LOCAL nPtr, cStr, ch
    nPtr = buf2dword(SUBSTR(cBuffer, nOffs,4)) - hBuffer + 1
    cStr = ""
    DO WHILE nPtr < LEN(cBuffer)
        ch = SUBSTR(cBuffer, nPtr, 2)
        IF ch = CHR(0)+CHR(0)
        cStr = cStr +
        nPtr = nPtr + 2
    cStr = STRTRAN(cStr, CHR(0), "")


    DECLARE INTEGER NetWkstaGetInfo IN netapi32;
        STRING servername, LONG lvl, INTEGER @bufptr

    DECLARE INTEGER NetApiBufferFree IN netapi32 INTEGER Buffer

    DECLARE INTEGER NetApiBufferSize IN netapi32;
        INTEGER Buffer, INTEGER @ByteCount

    DECLARE RtlMoveMemory IN kernel32 As CopyMemory;
        STRING @dst, INTEGER src, INTEGER bufsize

FUNCTION buf2dword(lcBuffer)
RETURN Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 1,1)) + ;
    BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 2,1)),  8) +;
    BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 3,1)), 16) +;
    BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 4,1)), 24)

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