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Using shared memory to exchange data between applications (processes)

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Before you begin:
Presented below the SharedMemory class uses FileMapping API calls to allocate a block of memory accessible from any FoxPro application that can instantiate this class. All applications share the name of this memory buffer, for example "MYAPPSHAREDMEMORY".

To test this class, start two or more VFP executables and run this code in each session:

LOCAL oForm As TForm
oForm = CREATEOBJECT("Tform")
* end of main

        Caption="Using shared memory to exchange " +;
                "data between processes"
        ADD OBJECT txtSharedMemory As EditBox WITH;
        Left=5, Top=10, Width=450, Height=120
        ADD OBJECT cmdReadFromMemory As CommandButton WITH;
        Left=40, Top=150, Width=190, Height=27,;
        Caption="Read From Shared Memory"

        ADD OBJECT cmdWriteToMemory As CommandButton WITH;
        Left=230, Top=150, Width=190, Height=27,;
        Caption="Write To Shared Memory"

        THIS.smObject = CREATEOBJECT("SharedMemory",;
                "MYAPPSHAREDMEMORY", 1024)

PROCEDURE cmdReadFromMemory.Click
        ThisForm.txtSharedMemory.Value =;

PROCEDURE cmdWriteToMemory.Click
        LOCAL cBuffer
        cBuffer = PADR(ThisForm.txtSharedMemory.Value,;

See also:
  • Using a Semaphore object to prevent VFP application from running more than one instance
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    Mutex object is used to synchronize access to the shared memory block.
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