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How to display a dialog box with which the user can add a data source (DSN)

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Before you begin:
This is a dialog allowing you to create a new data source:

And later if you decide to modify existing data sources:

DO decl

IF Not CreateDSN("NewDSN")
* 16 = cancelled by the user
* 18 = Could not create a DSN in the registry
* ...
    = MessageB(GetErr(), 64, " Creating New Data Source")

* if you decide to manage data sources
= SQLManageDataSources(GetActiveWindow())

* end of main

RETURN (SQLCreateDataSource(GetActiveWindow(), cDSN) <> 0)

* returns error info for the ODBC installer functions

    LOCAL nIndex, cMsg, nBufsize, nErrCode,;
        cResult, nResult

    cResult = ""
    FOR nIndex = 1 TO 8
        nBufsize = 512
        cMsg = Repli(Chr(0), nBufsize)
        nErrCode = 0

        nResult = SQLInstallerError(nIndex, @nErrCode,;
            @cMsg, nBufsize, @nBufsize)

            cMsg = SUBSTR(cMsg, 1, AT(Chr(0), cMsg)-1)

            cResult = cResult + Iif(nIndex=1, "", Chr(13)+Chr(13)) +;
                "Error code: " + LTRIM(STR(nErrCode)) + Chr(13) +;
                cMsg + ".     "
RETURN cResult

    DECLARE INTEGER GetActiveWindow IN user32
    DECLARE INTEGER SQLManageDataSources IN odbccp32 INTEGER hwnd

    DECLARE INTEGER SQLCreateDataSource IN odbccp32;
        INTEGER hwnd, STRING lpszDS

    DECLARE INTEGER SQLInstallerError IN odbccp32;
        INTEGER iError, INTEGER @pfErrorCode, STRING @lpszErrorMsg,;
        INTEGER cbErrorMsgMax, INTEGER @pcbErrorMsg

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ODBC Data Source Administrator
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