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Saving available locale records into a cursor

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Before you begin:
See also:
  • LanguageBar ActiveX control
  • Retrieving national language settings
  • Switching between keyboard layouts
  • * some LOCALE constants
    #DEFINE LOCALE_ILANGUAGE                1   && language id
    #DEFINE LOCALE_SLANGUAGE                2   && localized name of language
    #DEFINE LOCALE_SENGLANGUAGE          4097   && English name of language
    #DEFINE LOCALE_SABBREVLANGNAME          3   && abbreviated language name
    #DEFINE LOCALE_SNATIVELANGNAME          4   && native name of language
    #DEFINE LOCALE_ICOUNTRY                 5   && country code
    #DEFINE LOCALE_SCOUNTRY                 6   && localized name of country
    #DEFINE LOCALE_SENGCOUNTRY           4098   && English name of country
    #DEFINE LOCALE_SABBREVCTRYNAME          7   && abbreviated country name
    #DEFINE LOCALE_SNATIVECTRYNAME          8   && native name of country
    #DEFINE LOCALE_IDEFAULTLANGUAGE         9   && default language id
    #DEFINE LOCALE_IDEFAULTCOUNTRY         10   && default country code
    #DEFINE LOCALE_IDEFAULTCODEPAGE        11   && default oem code page
    #DEFINE LOCALE_IDEFAULTANSICODEPAGE  4100   && default ansi code page
    #DEFINE LOCALE_IDEFAULTMACCODEPAGE   4113   && default mac code page
    #DEFINE LOCALE_ILDATE                  34   && long date format ordering
    #DEFINE LOCALE_ILZERO                  18   && leading zeros for decimal
    #DEFINE LOCALE_IMEASURE                13   && 0 = metric, 1 = US
    #DEFINE LOCALE_IMONLZERO               39   && leading zeros in month field
    #DEFINE LOCALE_INEGCURR                28   && negative currency mode
    #DEFINE LOCALE_INEGSEPBYSPACE          87   && mon sym sep by space from neg amt
    #DEFINE LOCALE_INEGSIGNPOSN            83   && negative sign position
    * there are at least 216 LOCALE constants
    DECLARE INTEGER GetLocaleInfo IN kernel32;
        INTEGER Locale, INTEGER LCType,;
        STRING @lpLCData, INTEGER cchData
        locale    N(6),;
        langid    C( 4),;
        llnagname C(30),;
        elangname C(30),;
        alangname C( 3),;
        nlangname C(30),;
        ccode     C( 3),;
        lcname    C(30),;
        ecname    C(30),;
        acname    C( 3),;
        ncname    C(30),;
        dlangid   C( 4),;
        dccode    C( 3),;
        doemcp    C( 5),;
        dansicp   C( 5),;
        dmaccp    C( 5),;
        ldtfmt    C( 2),;
        ldzeros   C( 2),;
        metrics   C( 2),;
        monzero   C( 2),;
        necurr    C( 2),;
        negsep    C( 2),;
        negsign   C( 2),;
        sdayname1 C(10),;
        smonname1 C(20);
    * scan top 0x10000 codes
    * under WinNT 4.0 it returns 138 records
    * WinMe -- 164 records
    FOR ii=0 TO 65535
        = SaveLInfo(ii)
    SELECT cs
    GO TOP
    * end of main
    PROCEDURE SaveLInfo(lnLocale)
    * saves one local record for the locale
        IF Len(GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_ILANGUAGE)) = 0
        * exit if no information exists for this locale id
        INSERT INTO cs VALUES (;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_ILANGUAGE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SLANGUAGE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SENGLANGUAGE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SABBREVLANGNAME),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SNATIVELANGNAME),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_ICOUNTRY),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SCOUNTRY),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SENGCOUNTRY),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SABBREVCTRYNAME),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SNATIVECTRYNAME),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_IDEFAULTLANGUAGE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_IDEFAULTCOUNTRY),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_IDEFAULTCODEPAGE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_IDEFAULTANSICODEPAGE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_IDEFAULTMACCODEPAGE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_ILDATE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_ILZERO),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_IMEASURE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_IMONLZERO),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_INEGCURR),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_INEGSEPBYSPACE),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_INEGSIGNPOSN),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SDAYNAME1),;
            GetLInfo(lnLocale, LOCALE_SMONTHNAME1);
    PROCEDURE GetLInfo(nLocale, nType)
    * retrieves value for specified locale and type
        cBuffer = REPLICATE(CHR(0), 250)
        nLength = GetLocaleInfo(nLocale, nType, @cBuffer, LEN(cBuffer))
    RETURN IIF(nLength > 0, SUBSTR(cBuffer, 1, nLength), "")

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    My comment:
    This code retrieves all locale records available on your system.

    At this point I do not know how to create a call-back procedure within VFP (if it is really possible), so the only replacing option is to scan a wide range of could-be locale values.
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