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Before you begin:
Determine that Simple MAPI is available by checking the [MAIL] section in the computer"s WIN.INI file for the MAPI entry. This entry will have a value of 1 if Simple MAPI is installed, or 0 if uninstalled:

*lcSection = "Windows"  && section name
lcSection = "Mail"  && section name

lcKeys = getKeysString (lcSection)

CREATE CURSOR csWinIni (keyname C(30), keyvalue C(200))

lcKey = ""
FOR ii=1 TO Len(lcKeys)
    ch = SUBSTR (lcKeys, ii,1)
    IF ch = Chr(0)
        lcValue = GetKeyValue(lcSection, lcKey)
        INSERT INTO csWinIni VALUES (lcKey, lcValue)
        lcKey = ""
        lcKey = lcKey + ch


FUNCTION  getKeysString (lcSection)
* returns all key names found in this section
* delimited with zero character

    * Notice that lpKeyName declared as INTEGER 
    * to emulate an empty key name

    DECLARE INTEGER GetProfileString IN kernel32;
        STRING   lpAppName,;
        INTEGER  lpKeyName,;
        STRING   lpDefault,;
        STRING @ lpReturnedString,;
        INTEGER  nSize

    nSize = 1024
    lpReturnedString = Repli (Chr(0), nSize)

    lnResult = GetProfileString (lcSection, 0, "#empty#",;
        @lpReturnedString, nSize)
RETURN  Left(lpReturnedString, lnResult)

FUNCTION  GetKeyValue (lcSection, lcKey)

    * Notice that lpKeyName declared as STRING
    * because here we have a string value
    * supplied to this procedure

    DECLARE INTEGER GetProfileString IN kernel32;
        STRING   lpAppName,;
        STRING   lpKeyName,;
        STRING   lpDefault,;
        STRING @ lpReturnedString,;
        INTEGER  nSize

    nSize = 4096
    lpReturnedString = Repli (Chr(0), nSize)

    lnResult = GetProfileString (lcSection, lcKey, "#empty#",;
        @lpReturnedString, nSize)
RETURN  Left(lpReturnedString, lnResult)

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A section in the Win.ini file must have the following form:

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