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Passing data records between VFP applications via the Clipboard
Peer-to-peer LAN messenger built with Mailslot API functions
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Reading and setting the priority class values for the current process and thread
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Running MSDOS Shell as a child process with redirected input and output (smarter RUN command)
Setting the date and time that a file was created
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Using InternetSetFilePointer when resuming interrupted download from the Internet
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Using named pipes for interprocess communication
Using shared memory to exchange data between applications (processes)
Using the CreateFile
Using the DeleteFile
Using the Semaphore object
Using the Semaphore object to allow only one instance of VFP application running
Vertical Label control
Using InternetSetFilePointer when resuming interrupted download from the Internet

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Before you begin:
The remote source file, presented in this example, is large enough -- 3465231 bytes.

When running this code try to interrupt it completely by pushing the Esc key, and starting the program again one or more times to complete the download. Clear memory or even quit VFP between the calls.
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My comment:
If the target local file is found, the program opens the source remote file and sets its pointer equally to the local file size. The local pointer is set to EOF position.

The InternetSetFilePointer parameters include pReserved parameters, which MSDN suggests to set to zero. After comparing interfaces of InternetSetFilePointer and SetFilePointer it is quite logical to say that this parameter is similar to the lpDistanceToMoveHigh (high DWORD).

The simplest way to check this assumption is to download in N-steps a remote file larger than 0xffffffff (4,294,967,295) bytes -- 4 Gb. And at least one interruption should be made after the critical DWORD length offset.
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