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DO decl


* MSDN: the HEAP_NO_SERIALIZE value can, be safely used 
* the process has only one thread -- this is how the VFP is

LOCAL hProcHeap, lnFreeSize

* retrieving a handle to the heap of the calling process
hProcHeap = GetProcessHeap()
? "Calling process heap handle:", hProcHeap

* making an attempt to compact the calling process heap
* supported in Windows NT/2000/XP, not in Windows 95/98/Me
lnFreeSize = HeapCompact (hProcHeap, HEAP_NO_SERIALIZE)
IF lnFreeSize = 0
* 120 = This function is not supported on this system.
    ? "Error code:", GetLastError()
    ? "The largest committed free block in the heap:",;
            ALLTRIM(TRANS(lnFreeSize, "999,999,999,999,999")), "bytes"

* validating the calling process heap
? "The heap is valid:",;
    Iif(HeapValidate (hProcHeap, HEAP_NO_SERIALIZE, 0)=0, "No","Yes")

    DECLARE INTEGER GetLastError IN kernel32
    DECLARE INTEGER GetProcessHeap IN kernel32

    DECLARE INTEGER HeapCompact IN kernel32;
        INTEGER hHeap, INTEGER dwFlags

    DECLARE INTEGER HeapValidate IN kernel32;
        INTEGER hHeap, INTEGER dwFlags, INTEGER lpMem

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