Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
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The original LoadPicture() function in VFP returns valid handles to bitmaps, icons, cursors, and metafiles

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Before you begin:
Provide valid file names when calling this function.


* provide valid file names

= LoadObject("badge.bmp")
= LoadObject("BACKGRND.GIF")
= LoadObject("BD04956_.WMF")
= LoadObject("FILES10.ICO")
= LoadObject("H_POINT.CUR")

PROCEDURE LoadObject (lcFilename)
    LOCAL obj
    ? "Filename:", FULLPATH(lcFilename)

    IF FILE(lcFilename)
        obj = LoadPicture (lcFilename)

    IF TYPE("obj") = "O"
        ? "Handle:", obj.handle
        ? "Handle type:", GetObjectType(obj.handle)
        ? "Width:", obj.width
        ? "Height:", obj.height
        ?? " -- not accessible"

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My comment:
The LoadPicture() function (note this is a VFP function, not Win32 one) loads bitmap files as well as GIF and JPEG files, converting them into memory bitmaps. So after all you get valid bitmap handle -- no need to implement Win32-based algorithms for reading GIFs and JPEGs.
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