Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
Device Context
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#DEFINE FW_BOLD             700

#DEFINE OPAQUE                2

    DO decl

    lcText = "Printing Text"
    FOR ii=200 TO 1 STEP-1
        lnColor = Rgb(Max(0,255-ii), Max(0,128-ii*5), Min(255,128+ii*10))
        = _print (lcText, lnColor, -ii)

        ii = ii - 30
        = _print (lcText, Rgb(80,80,80), -ii)
    = _print (lcText, Rgb(164,0,0), 0)

PROCEDURE  _print (lcText, lnColor, lnAngle)
    hFont = CreateFont (;
        100,0, lnAngle,lnAngle, FW_BOLD, 0,0,0, ANSI_CHARSET,;
        PROOF_QUALITY, DEFAULT_PITCH, "Times New Roman")

    hwnd = GetActiveWindow()
    hdc = GetWindowDC (hwnd)

    * select new font into the device context
    * and delete the old one
    = DeleteObject (SelectObject (hdc, hFont))

    * set text color on a transparent background
    = SetTextColor (hdc, lnColor)
    = SetBkMode (hdc, TRANSPARENT)

    * the printing
    = TextOut (hdc, 50, 100, lcText, Len(lcText))

    * release system resources
    = DeleteObject (hFont)
    = ReleaseDC (hwnd, hdc)

    DECLARE INTEGER GetActiveWindow IN user32
    DECLARE INTEGER GetWindowDC IN user32 INTEGER hwnd   

    DECLARE INTEGER DeleteObject IN gdi32 INTEGER hObject
    DECLARE INTEGER ReleaseDC IN user32;
        INTEGER hwnd, INTEGER hdc

    DECLARE INTEGER SetTextColor IN gdi32;
        INTEGER hdc, INTEGER crColor

    DECLARE INTEGER SelectObject IN gdi32;
        INTEGER hdc, INTEGER hObject

    DECLARE INTEGER TextOut IN gdi32;
        INTEGER hdc, INTEGER x, INTEGER y,;
        STRING  lpString, INTEGER nCount

    DECLARE INTEGER SetBkMode IN gdi32;
        INTEGER hdc, INTEGER iBkMode

    DECLARE INTEGER CreateFont IN gdi32;
        INTEGER nHeight, INTEGER nWidth,;
        INTEGER nEscapement, INTEGER nOrientation,;
        INTEGER fnWeight, INTEGER fdwItalic,;
        INTEGER fdwUnderline, INTEGER fdwStrikeOut,;
        INTEGER fdwCharSet,;
        INTEGER fdwOutputPrecision,;
        INTEGER fdwClipPrecision,;
        INTEGER fdwQuality,;
        INTEGER fdwPitchAndFamily,;
        STRING  lpszFace

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My comment:
Any output from FoxPro command like CLEAR and ?/?? wipes the image produced by this code. Curiously CLEAR command even standing above the TextOut in a source code sometimes removes any printing produced by the TextOut.
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