Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
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DO decl

LOCAL cPrinter, hPrinter, lcPrnDefaults

cPrinter = GetPrnName()  && default printer

lcPrnDefaults = Repli(Chr(0),8) +;
    Chr(PRINTER_ACCESS_ADMINISTER) + Repli(Chr(0),3)

hPrinter = 0
IF OpenPrinter(cPrinter, @hPrinter, lcPrnDefaults) = 0
    ? "Error opening printer [" + cPrinter + "]"

= PrinterProperties(GetActiveWindow(), hPrinter)
= ClosePrinter(hPrinter)
* end of main

* returns default printer name from Windows Registry
    LOCAL lcBuffer, lcPrinter, lcDriver, lcPort
    lcBuffer = Repli(Chr(0), 120)
    = GetProfileString("Windows", "Device", ",,,",;
        @lcBuffer, Len(lcBuffer))
    lcBuffer = STRTRAN(lcBuffer, Chr(0), "")
RETURN SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 1, AT(",", lcBuffer, 1)-1)

    DECLARE INTEGER OpenPrinter IN winspool.drv;
        STRING pPrinterName, INTEGER @phPrinter, STRING pDefault

    DECLARE INTEGER GetProfileString IN kernel32;
        STRING lpApp, STRING lpKey, STRING lpDefault,;
        STRING @lpReturnedString, INTEGER nSize

    DECLARE INTEGER ClosePrinter IN winspool.drv INTEGER hPrinter 
    DECLARE INTEGER GetActiveWindow IN user32

    DECLARE INTEGER PrinterProperties IN winspool.drv;
        INTEGER hWnd, INTEGER hPrinter

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