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Before you begin:
The code is based on custom GDI+ class. Download the class module first and save it in gdiplus.prg file.

Call this code from a method or event of a FoxPro form when that form is active, i.e. posesses the keyboard focus.

See also:

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  • Storing clipboard contents to a BMP file
    #DEFINE SRCCOPY  0x00CC0020
    DO decl
    * an instance of gdiplusinit should be created before
    * and released after using any of gdi+ objects
    PRIVATE gdiplus
    gdiplus = CREATEOBJECT("gdiplusinit")
    LOCAL hwindow, hdc, bmp, nWidth, nHeight
    hwindow = GetFocus()
    hdc = GetWindowDC(hwindow)
    STORE 0 TO nWidth, nHeight
    = GetWinRect(hwindow, @nWidth, @nHeight)
    bmp = CREATEOBJECT("gdibitmap", m.nWidth, m.nHeight)
    WITH bmp
        = BitBlt(.graphics.hdc, 0,0, .imgwidth, .imgheight,;
            m.hdc, 0,0, SRCCOPY)
    LOCAL hPrnDC, gdip, docinfo
    hPrnDC = GetPrnDC()
    gdip = CREATEOBJECT("graphics", hPrnDC)
    docinfo = PADR(CHR(20), 20, CHR(0))
    = StartDoc(m.hPrnDC, m.docinfo)
    = StartPage(m.hPrnDC)
    WITH gdip
        * note that the actual printing is scaled
        .DrawImage(bmp, 20,20,;
            bmp.imgwidth/2, bmp.imgheight/2)
    *    .DrawImage(bmp, 20,20)
    = EndPage(m.hPrnDC)
    = EndDoc(m.hPrnDC)
    = DeleteDC(m.hPrnDC)
    = ReleaseDC(m.hwindow, m.hdc)
    * end of main
    PROCEDURE GetWinRect(hwindow, nWidth, nHeight)
    #DEFINE maxDword  0xffffffff
        LOCAL lpRect, nLeft, nTop, nRight, nBottom
        lpRect = REPLI (Chr(0), 16)
        = GetWindowRect (hwindow, @lpRect)
        nRight  = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lpRect, 9,4))
        nBottom = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lpRect, 13,4))
        nLeft = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lpRect, 1,4))
        IF nLeft > nRight
            nLeft = nLeft - maxDword
        nTop = buf2dword(SUBSTR(lpRect, 5,4))
        IF nTop > nBottom
            nTop = nTop - maxDword
        nWidth = nRight - nLeft
        nHeight = nBottom - nTop
    * returns device context of default printer
    #DEFINE PD_RETURNDC      0x100
        LOCAL lcStruct, lnFlags
        lcStruct = num2dword(66) + Repli(Chr(0), 16) +;
            num2dword(lnFlags) + Repli(Chr(0), 42)
        IF PrintDlg(@lcStruct) <> 0
            RETURN buf2dword (SUBSTR(lcStruct, 17,4))
    RETURN 0
    PROCEDURE decl
        DECLARE INTEGER GetFocus IN user32
        DECLARE INTEGER GetWindowDC IN user32 INTEGER hwindow
        DECLARE INTEGER ReleaseDC IN user32 INTEGER hwindow, INTEGER hdc
        DECLARE INTEGER GetWindowRect IN user32 INTEGER hwnd, STRING @lpRect 
        DECLARE INTEGER DeleteDC IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc
        DECLARE INTEGER PrintDlg IN comdlg32 STRING @ lppd
        DECLARE INTEGER StartPage IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc
        DECLARE INTEGER EndPage IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc
        DECLARE INTEGER EndDoc IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc
        DECLARE INTEGER StartDoc IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc, STRING lpdi
        DECLARE INTEGER BitBlt IN gdi32;
            INTEGER hDestDC, INTEGER x, INTEGER y,;
            INTEGER nWidth, INTEGER nHeight, INTEGER hSrcDC,;
            INTEGER xSrc, INTEGER ySrc, INTEGER dwRop

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    User Contributed Notes: | 2006-08-19 11:49:49

    I am creating a thematic map of the United States. It consists of a container object on a form. The container object contains shape objects in the form of each state in the U.S.

    I would like to save the image of the map to a .BMP, .JPG or .PNG without making the form visible. How do I do this?

    Dan | 2006-08-19 11:50:11

    I am creating a thematic map of the United States. It consists of a container object on a form. The container object contains shape objects in the form of each state in the U.S.

    I would like to save the image of the map to a .BMP, .JPG or .PNG without making the form visible. How do I do this?

    Hugh Winters | 2006-08-30 12:55:10
    I am having trouble finding the gdiplus.prg you refer to in your code setup. Please tell me exactly where I might find this program. I have looked everywhere.

    Perhaps this program was outmoded by the new GDIPlusX.vcx class library and is no longer available. If so, please adjust your code to work with it.


    Hugh Winters
    A.M. | 2006-08-30 19:34:07

    There's a link to this code in Before You Begin section on this page

    This GDI+ library is not freeware though. It is also not compatible with GDI+ FFC code, since I have decided to create this library from scratch.

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