Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
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Before you begin:
The example shows how to load an image file, put semi-transparent frame with a text on it, and save the result to another file.

Make sure the source and target file names are valid. The source file can be in any of graphics formats supported by the GDI+: BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, EMF...

The code is based on custom GDI+ class. Download the class module first and save it in gdiplus.prg file.

PRIVATE gdiplus, src, dst, himage
gdiplus = CREATEOBJECT("gdiplusinit")

src = CREATEOBJECT("gdiimage", "c:\windows\forest.bmp")
dst = CREATEOBJECT("gdiimage", src)

IF dst.imgtype=0 OR VARTYPE( <> "O"
    ? "Error code:", dst.errorcode

LOCAL gdibrush, gdipen, fnt
STORE 0 TO gdibrush, gdipen

* creating brush, pen and font objects
* note that the alpha channel is defined for the solid brush,
* which creates semi-transparent fill
= GdipCreateSolidFill(ARGB(255,255,255, 128), @gdibrush)
= GdipCreatePen1(ARGB(220,220,255), 2, 2, @gdipen)
fnt = CREATEOBJECT("gdifont", "Arial", 24, 1, ARGB(220,220,255))

* drawing filled semi-transparent rectangle with a border
= GdipFillRectangle(, gdibrush, 5,5, 160,50)
= GdipDrawRectangle(, gdipen, 5,5, 160,50)

* printing text
    fnt, 10,10, dst.imgwidth-10, 0)

* releasing system resources
= GdipDeletePen(gdipen)
= GdipDeleteBrush(gdibrush)

* creating drawing surface based on main VFP window
gr = CREATEOBJECT("graphics", _screen.HWnd)

gr.DrawImage(src, 20,20)
gr.DrawImage(dst, 20+src.imgwidth+5,20)

*= dst.SaveToFile("d:\temp\tmp.bmp")

* end of main

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My comment:
The transparency is controlled by the alpha-channel value. In this particular example a semi-transparent solid brush is used.

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