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Before you begin:
The following example presents session class CacheEntry and collection class CacheEntries. The latter, when created, enumerates Internet cache entries for a given search pattern.

Depending on the search pattern the enumerated can be
  • cookies
  • visited web pages
  • cached Internet files

    If you choose complete enumeration (empty search pattern or *.* ), it may take long time, like 5..10 minutes, if there are many cached files on the computer.

    Whichever cache entries have been enumerated, they can be deleted through DeleteCacheEntry and DeleteCacheEntries methods of the collection class.

    Note that this is all about Internet Explorer and WinINet. Other browsers most likely use different caching support.
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    My comment:
    For FoxPro versions 3..7 you must tinker the code a little bit.

    Visiting a single web page may create tens if not a hundred cached files on your computer. Just for fun: clear cookies, history and temporary internet files and start visiting different web pages. If this is your first experience, most likely you will be amazed.

    I have all third-party cookies blocked in my IE settings.
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