Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
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DO declare

* retrieve a handle to the current process
hProcess = OpenProcess(;
    0, GetCurrentProcessId()) && application.ProcessId

IF hProcess = 0
    ? "OpenProcess failed:", GetLastError()

LOCAL cBuffer
cBuffer = REPLICATE(CHR(0), 48)
= GetProcessIoCounters(hProcess, @cBuffer)

? "ReadOperationCount:", buf64ToNum(SUBSTR(cBuffer,1,8))
? "WriteOperationCount:", buf64ToNum(SUBSTR(cBuffer,9,8))
? "OtherOperationCount:", buf64ToNum(SUBSTR(cBuffer,17,8))
? "ReadTransferCount:", buf64ToNum(SUBSTR(cBuffer,25,8))
? "WriteTransferCount:", buf64ToNum(SUBSTR(cBuffer,33,8))
? "OtherTransferCount:", buf64ToNum(SUBSTR(cBuffer,41,8))

= CloseHandle(hProcess)
* end of main

FUNCTION buf64ToNum(cBuffer)
    LOCAL nLo, nHi
    nLo = buf2dword(SUBSTR(cBuffer,1,4))
    nHi = buf2dword(SUBSTR(cBuffer,5,4))
RETURN m.nLo + m.nHi * (0xffffffff+1)

FUNCTION buf2dword(lcBuffer)
RETURN Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 1,1)) + ;
    BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 2,1)),  8) +;
    BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 3,1)), 16) +;
    BitLShift(Asc(SUBSTR(lcBuffer, 4,1)), 24)

    DECLARE INTEGER GetLastError IN kernel32
    DECLARE INTEGER GetCurrentProcessId IN kernel32
    DECLARE INTEGER CloseHandle IN kernel32 INTEGER hObject

    DECLARE INTEGER OpenProcess IN kernel32;
        INTEGER dwDesiredAccess,;
        INTEGER bInheritHandle, INTEGER dwProcId

    DECLARE INTEGER GetProcessIoCounters IN kernel32;
        INTEGER hProcess, STRING @lpIoCounters

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My comment:
The IO_COUNTERS structure contains I/O accounting information for a process or a job object. For a job object, the counters include all operations performed by all processes that have ever been associated with the job, in addition to all processes currently associated with the job.
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