Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
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GDI+: creating a gradient

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Before you begin:

The code is based on custom GDI+ class. Download the class module first and save it in gdiplus.prg file.
DO declare

PRIVATE gdiplus as gdiplusinit
gdiplus = CREATEOBJECT("gdiplusinit")

LOCAL oBitmap as gdibitmap
cFilename = "gradientsample.png"
nImgWidth = 300
nImgHeight = 300

oBitmap = CREATEOBJECT("gdibitmap",;
    nImgWidth, nImgHeight)

WITH oBitmap
            ARGB(255,255,255, 255),;

nPointCount = 128
nRadius = 120
cPoints = GeneratesCirclePoints(;

hBrush = 0
    @cPoints, nPointCount, 4, @hBrush)

IF hBrush <> 0
    nColor1 = ARGB(0,156,0, 255)
    nColor2 = ARGB(230,255,230, 64)

    GdipSetPathGradientCenterColor(hBrush, nColor1)

    cColors = num2dword(nColor2)
    nColorCount = 1
        hBrush, @cColors, @nColorCount)

    cPoints = num2dword(130) +;

        hBrush, @cPoints)

    GdipFillRectangle(;, hBrush,;
        0, 0, nImgWidth, nImgHeight)


ShellExecute(0, "open", cFilename, "", "", 3)

* end of main

PROCEDURE GeneratesCirclePoints(;
    nAxisX, nAxisY, nRadius, nPointCount)
* generates a series of points forming a circle
    LOCAL nStep, nAngle, cResult
    nStep = (2 * PI()) / nPointCount

    cResult = ""
    FOR nAngle = 0 TO (2 * PI()) STEP nStep
        cResult = cResult +;
            num2dword(nAxisX + nRadius * COS(nAngle)) +;
            num2dword(nAxisY + nRadius * SIN(nAngle))
RETURN cResult

    DECLARE INTEGER ShellExecute IN shell32; 
        INTEGER hWindow, STRING lpOperation,; 
        STRING lpFile, STRING lpParameters,;  
        STRING lpDirectory, INTEGER nShowCmd

    DECLARE INTEGER GdipCreatePathGradientI IN gdiplus;
        STRING @points, INTEGER pointcount,;
        INTEGER wrapMode, INTEGER @polyGradient

    DECLARE INTEGER GdipSetPathGradientCenterColor IN gdiplus;
        INTEGER brush, INTEGER colors

    DECLARE INTEGER GdipSetPathGradientSurroundColorsWithCount;
    IN gdiplus;
        INTEGER brush, STRING @argbColor, INTEGER @colorcount

    DECLARE INTEGER GdipSetPathGradientCenterPointI IN gdiplus;
        INTEGER brush, STRING @points

    DECLARE INTEGER GdipGetPathGradientCenterPointI IN gdiplus;
        INTEGER brush, STRING @points

FUNCTION num2dword(lnValue)
#DEFINE m0 0x0000100
#DEFINE m1 0x0010000
#DEFINE m2 0x1000000
    IF lnValue < 0
        lnValue = 0x100000000 + lnValue
    LOCAL b0, b1, b2, b3
    b3 = Int(lnValue/m2)
    b2 = Int((lnValue - b3*m2)/m1)
    b1 = Int((lnValue - b3*m2 - b2*m1)/m0)
    b0 = Mod(lnValue, m0)
RETURN Chr(b0)+Chr(b1)+Chr(b2)+Chr(b3)

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