Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
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  • Capturing keyboard activity of another application using the Raw Input API
  • DECLARE INTEGER GetActiveWindow IN user32 
    DECLARE INTEGER EnableWindow IN user32;
     INTEGER hwnd,;
     INTEGER fEnable
    * get handle of main VFP window
    hwnd = GetActiveWindow()
    ? EnableWindow (hwnd, 0)
    ? "*** Input blocked - the main VFP window only"
    FOR ii=1 TO 10
        DO proc1
    ? EnableWindow (hwnd, 1)
    ? "*** Input unblocked"
    PROCEDURE  proc1
        LOCAL ii
        WAIT WINDOW NOWAIT "Creating cursor..."
        CREATE CURSOR cs (id N(6), dt D)
        FOR ii=1 TO 10000
            INSERT INTO cs VALUES (ii, date()-ii)
        WAIT CLEAR
        ? Chr(9) + "- cursor created at " + TTOC (datetime())

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    My comment:
    In this example user input is locked for VFP application only. This function works differently then the BlockInput does. The latter locks the window for all processes not just for the active process and thread.

    With EnableWindow you can effectively lock a VFP application. But it is more like "you lock the door and throw away the key". To unlock it use the Task Manager, or beforehand submit the instructions to some other application along with the corresponding HWND.

    Applied to windowed controls this function can enable or disable them.
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