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ApiViewer for Visual FoxPro
The ApiViewer, an offline mirror of this reference, is available for download in two versions: demo and full. In the full version, offline VFP database contains descriptions and declarations for almost 1000 API functions currently available on the web site. It also includes more than 250 VFP code samples showing how to use API calls. A list of Win32 constants, about 50 thousand records, is a bonus.
Passing parameters to Win32 functions
Learn how to pass parameters to Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro versions 3 to 8, including passing by value and by reference, populating and passing structures and more.
Accessing this reference through web services
The article explains how to access various parts of this reference through several functions wrapped in XML web service. You can search and retrieve code samples, declarations, constants and articles using VFP and .Net code.

The service is located at
Programming File Transfer Protocol in Visual FoxPro
The article explains basic FTP programming in Visual FoxPro through calling API functions in WinINet library. That includes connecting to FTP server, downloading and uploading files, deleting and renaming files and directories on FTP server.

Last modified: Jun.21, 2007.
Use Windows API calls to program the MessageBox dialog's timeout interval, button captions, and position.
This article shows how to program a MessageBox() timeout interval, create adjustable button captions, and position the dialog's window on start, for all Visual FoxPro versions.

It involves several Windows API calls. This can improve the user interface of your application even if you already use the latest version of VFP.
Access a Pocket PC from Visual FoxPro
Computing isn't just about the desktop and server anymore. Users want their data, and they want it to go. Perhaps you've joined the mobile and wireless revolution or are thinking about it.

Have you recently purchased a Microsoft Pocket PC device and now want to extend its usability? Is your client asking you to update employees' Pocket PCs on a daily basis? Do you need to gather data from several Pocket PCs? In this article, I show you how to accomplish these tasks from Visual FoxPro.
Access a Palm OS PDA from Visual FoxPro
This article shows you how to access a Palm device from a Visual FoxPro application. It explains how to use Visual FoxPro 8 to write a conduit, register it with the Palm HotSync Manager, then exchange data with a Palm device through this conduit.
Using the Video Capture API in Visual FoxPro
Have you even wanted to include dynamic video sources into your VFP applications? This article explains how to use the Microsoft Video Capture API to access digital video cameras and other video sources from applications written in Visual FoxPro.
Accessing Hotmail and MSN Accounts in Visual FoxPro
In some cases, it's possible to send and receive Hotmail messages with Visual FoxPro code. This article describes several Visual FoxPro classes that use Microsoft ServerXMLHTTP and XMLDOM objects to implement WebDAV access to the Hotmail server.
Sending SMTP Messages in Visual FoxPro Applications, Part 1
The topic of sending and receiving e-mail messages is always on the top of the list for visitors to the site. This article provides code that you can use in your VFP applications to send emails using Winsock library.
Sending SMTP Messages in Visual FoxPro Applications, Part 2
If you read my article in the July issue of FoxTalk 2.0, you know how to create an SMTP e-mail message, add attachments, specify formatting, and so forth. Let's now look at the task of sending the message by communicating with an SMTP server.

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