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Language: Turkish
HoÀgeldiniz TØrkÚe FoxPro PortalÜ.
The Turkish Fox4um was setup in June 2001 in Turkey. Forum, code examples (full code Haser Address & Label Program which has been specifically created for the Fox4um by the Haser Software Inc.), articles, links, chat.
added on:2007-01-16 07:39:20
Fox Forum WikiFox Forum Wiki
Language: English
Steven Black's low-impedance, fat-free site maintained by its users, completely freeware. This place is densely crowded with zealous FoxPro supporters.
added on:2007-01-16 06:56:02
Russian FoxPro ClubRussian FoxPro Club
Language: Russian
Thriving FoxPro community for those who speak Russian.
added on:2007-01-16 07:38:56
UniversalThread MagazineUniversalThread Magazine
Language: English
The Universal Thread Magazine offers the developers community a monthly magazine for developers which covers various facets such as technical articles, interview, conference coverage and book reviews. The magazine is delivered online in English, Portuguese and Spanish. New readers and writers are joining the magazine on a monthly basis in an ever evolving entity.

The magazine is registered officially under ISSN 1705-0197. This standard registration allows the magazine to be entered into the global publication catalogs around the world, and to be properly catalogued at any library. Among several benefits, it can be used by the authors as a "formal" reference to be awarded academic points (for examples) when they publish articles.
added on:2007-02-27 13:26:59
Foxite.Com - Home Of The Visual FoxPro ExpertsFoxite.Com - Home Of The Visual FoxPro Experts
Language: English
Foxite is a one stop site to obtain answers to Frequently Asked Questions as well as more complicated questions about Visual FoxPro as well as older versions of FoxPro.
added on:2007-01-16 07:14:00
CGR SoftwareCGR Software
Language: Spanish
Megabase de recursors para programadores y webmasters
added on:2007-03-09 16:47:02
Craig BaileyCraig Bailey's Weblog
Language: English
Some of my thoughts on life and coding (particularly Visual FoxPro).
added on:2007-02-25 15:23:21
Language: Spanish
A popular Fox portal in Spanish. Forums, articles, links, chat. Full access requires a membership.
added on:2007-01-16 07:39:59
Language: English
A valuable FoxPro Community Centre with impressive number of features, which includes well-known UT forum, a huge download section, articles and much more.
The basic membership is free of charge.
added on:2007-01-16 07:07:19
West Wind TechnologiesWest Wind Technologies
Language: English
This site is a resource for Visual FoxPro developers building Web and Enterprise applications. Here you can find a large article database, a very active message board and many tools designed to help developers deliver Web and Enterprise solutions with Visual Studio.
added on:2007-01-16 07:10:54
FoxPress. 8 años informando sobre Visual FoxProFoxPress. 8 años informando sobre Visual FoxPro
Language: Spanish
Copyright © 1998-2001 Fox Software, S.L. All rights reserved. | Tcol. Valenzuela 5, 3º D - 50.004 ZARAGOZA (España) | Tf: +34.976.218842 Fax: +34.976.234144 E-Mail:
added on:2007-01-16 07:48:18
ctl32 - Classes for VFP9ctl32 - Classes for VFP9
Language: English
ctl32_ballontip - BalloonTip class
ctl32_gripper - Sizing Grip class
ctl32_progressbar - Progress Bar class
ctl32_scontainer - Scrollable Container class
ctl32_statusbar - Status Bar class
added on:2007-03-09 16:40:07
FoxPro ItalyFoxPro Italy
Language: Italian
Questo É il primo sito in lingua italiana dedicato ai programmatori in Microsoft Foxpro e Visual FoxPro®.
That fox looks trapped :)
added on:2007-01-16 07:33:16
Calvin HsiaCalvin Hsia's Weblog
Language: English
One of the original Microsoft MVPs from 1993, Calvin is software developer lead for Visual FoxPro at Microsoft.
added on:2007-02-25 15:39:49
Language: English
Virtual FoxPro User Group (VFUG).
added on:2007-01-16 07:37:47
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