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PnP Configuration Manager
Code examples:
Disconnecting USB Mass Storage Device programmatically
Enumerating devices installed on the local machine
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Creates a connection to a remote machine
Code examples:
Enumerating devices installed on the local machine
Disconnecting USB Mass Storage Device programmatically
    IN PCTSTR UNCServerName,
    OUT PHMACHINE phMachine
FoxPro declaration:
DECLARE INTEGER CM_Connect_Machine IN cfgmgr32;
    STRING UNCServerName,;
    INTEGER @phMachine
Caller-supplied pointer to a text string representing the UNC name, including the \\ prefix, of the system for which a connection will be made. If the pointer is NULL, the local system is used.

Address of a location to receive a machine handle.
Return value:
If the operation succeeds, the function returns CR_SUCCESS (0).
LOCAL cMachine, hMachine
cMachine = "\\"+SUBSTR(SYS(0), 1, AT(" ",SYS(0))-1)

= CM_Connect_Machine(cMachine, @hMachine)

. . .

= CM_Disconnect_Machine(m.hMachine)
My comment:
Callers of CM_Connect_Machine must call CM_Disconnect_Machine to deallocate the machine handle, after it is no longer needed.

Use machine handles obtained with this function only with the PnP configuration manager functions.
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