Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
Memory Management
Code examples:
Adding and deleting Scheduled Tasks using NetScheduleJob API functions
Adding and deleting User Accounts
Adding printer to the list of supported printers for the specified server
Adding user-defined items to the Control Menu of VFP form (requires VFP9)
Attaching menu to a top-level form
Browsing Windows Known Folders (Special Folders)
Changing pitch and speed of a wave file
Class for sound recording
Compressing and decompressing files with Windows API Runtime Library routines
Copying strings through the global memory block
Creating the Open dialog box to specify the drive, directory, and name of a file to open
Creating the Save dialog box to specify the drive, directory, and name of a file to save
Custom HttpRequest class (WinHTTP)
Deleting files into the Recycle Bin
Displaying dimmed window behind VFP top-level form
Displaying standard progress dialog box when copying files
Displaying system dialog that selects a folder
Dynamic strings implemented through VFP Custom class
Enhanced GetFont dialog
Enumerating forms supported by a specified printer
Enumerating network resources
Enumerating ports that are available for printing on a specified server
Enumerating print jobs and retrieving information for default printer (JOB_INFO_1 structures)
Enumerating printer drivers installed
Extensible Storage Engine class library
FindText -- the hopeless and useless Common Dialog
GDI+: reading and writing metadata in JPEG and TIFF files
How to assemble an array of strings and pass it to external function
How to browse and connect to printers on a network (WinNT)
How to convert a bitmap file to monochrome format (1 bpp)
How to delete IE cookies, clear IE history and delete files in Temporary Internet Files directory
How to display a user-defined icon in the MessageBox dialog
How to display advanced Task Dialog (Vista)
How to display the Print property sheet
How to display the Properties dialog box for a file (ShellExecuteEx)
How to enumerate cookies and URL History entries in the cache of the local computer
How to enumerate, add and delete shares on the local computer (WinNT/XP)
How to load a user profile
How to prevent users from accessing the Windows Desktop and from switching to other applications
How to print a bitmap file
How to print FoxPro form
How to remove a directory that is not empty
How to write and read Window Properties for the specified window
Loading a string resource from an executable file
MapiSendMail class for Visual FoxPro application
Mapping and disconnecting network drives
Obtaining addresses for the adapters on the local computer (Win XP/2003/Vista)
Obtaining list of tables stored in an ODBC Data Source
Passing data records between VFP applications via the Clipboard
Playing WAV sounds simultaneously
Printing Image File, programmatically set print page orientation to landscape
Quering Audio Mixer Device
Reading entries from Event logs
Reading the structure of VFP main menu
Sending email messages with Simple MAPI
Shortcut Menu Class
Simple printer queue monitor: deletes, pauses, resumes print jobs for local printer
Starting a dialog box for connecting to network resources and passing input parameters
Storing content of the Clipboard to a bitmap file
Storing screen shot of a form to bitmap file
Subclassing CommandButton control to create BackColor property
URL: splitting into its component parts
Using Change Notification Objects to monitor changes to the printer or print server
Using EnumPrinters function to enumerate locally installed printers
Using FillMemory
Using the ChooseColor function
Using WM_COPYDATA for interprocess communication (VFP9)
Verifying a file using the Authenticode policy provider
Vertical Label control
WAV file player
Windows Shell Icons displayed and exported to ICO files (Vista)
Winsock: connecting to a news server (NNTP, port 119)
Writing entries to custom Event Log
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The GlobalAlloc function allocates the specified number of bytes from the heap
Code examples:
Displaying dimmed window behind VFP top-level form
Subclassing CommandButton control to create BackColor property
Vertical Label control
Storing content of the Clipboard to a bitmap file
Passing data records between VFP applications via the Clipboard
Mapping and disconnecting network drives
How to print a bitmap file
Browsing Windows Known Folders (Special Folders)
WAV file player
How to load a user profile
HGLOBAL GlobalAlloc(
  UINT uFlags,     // allocation attributes
  SIZE_T dwBytes   // number of bytes to allocate
FoxPro declaration:
DECLARE INTEGER GlobalAlloc IN kernel32;
    INTEGER wFlags,;
    INTEGER dwBytes

[in] Specifies how to allocate memory

[in] Specifies the number of bytes to allocate
Return value:
If the function succeeds, the return value is a handle to the newly allocated memory object
My comment:
So the memory is allocated. What else you can do with it? I mean, could it be useful for a Foxpro application? I should think about it
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