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Cryptography Reference 28
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GDI+ StringFormat 2
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Handle and Object 4
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HTTP Functions (WinHTTP) 12
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IP Helper 24
Kernel Transaction Manager 3
Keyboard Input 22
Mailslot 3
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Metafile 6
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MSHTML Reference 1
Multilingual User Interface 4
Multiple Display Monitors 2
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Network Management 34
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PnP Configuration Manager 6
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System Shutdown 5
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Windows Sockets 2 (Winsock) 38
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SQLAllocEnv In ODBC 3.x, the ODBC 2.x function SQLAllocEnv has been replaced by SQLAllocHandle.
SQLAllocHandle SQLAllocHandle allocates an environment, connection, statement, or descriptor handle.
SQLBindCol SQLBindCol binds application data buffers to columns in the result set.
SQLBrowseConnect SQLBrowseConnect supports an iterative method of discovering and enumerating the attributes and attribute values required to connect to a data source. Each call to SQLBrowseConnect returns successive levels of attributes and attribute values.
SQLConfigDataSource SQLConfigDataSource adds, modifies, or deletes data sources.
SQLConnect SQLConnect establishes connections to a driver and a data source.
SQLCreateDataSource SQLCreateDataSource displays a dialog box with which the user can add a data source.
SQLDataSources SQLDataSources returns information about a data source. This function is implemented solely by the Driver Manager.
SQLDisconnect SQLDisconnect closes the connection associated with a specific connection handle.
SQLDriverConnect SQLDriverConnect is an alternative to SQLConnect. It supports data sources that require more connection information than the three arguments in SQLConnect, dialog boxes to prompt the user for all connection information, and data sources that are not defined in the system information.
SQLDrivers SQLDrivers lists driver descriptions and driver attribute keywords.
SQLExecDirect SQLExecDirect executes a preparable statement, using the current values of the parameter marker variables if any parameters exist in the statement.
SQLFetch SQLFetch fetches the next rowset of data from the result set and returns data for all bound columns.
SQLFreeEnv In ODBC 3.x, the ODBC 2.0 function SQLFreeEnv has been replaced by SQLFreeHandle.
SQLFreeHandle SQLFreeHandle frees resources associated with a specific environment, connection, statement, or descriptor handle.
SQLGetConfigMode Retrieves the configuration mode that indicates where the Odbc.ini entry listing DSN values is in the system information.
SQLGetConnectAttr SQLGetConnectAttr returns the current setting of a connection attribute.
SQLGetDiagRec SQLGetDiagRec returns the current values of multiple fields of a diagnostic record that contains error, warning, and status information.
SQLGetEnvAttr SQLGetEnvAttr returns the current setting of an environment attribute.
SQLGetFunctions SQLGetFunctions returns information about whether a driver supports a specific ODBC function.
SQLGetInfo SQLGetInfo returns general information about the driver and data source associated with a connection.
SQLGetInstalledDrivers SQLGetInstalledDrivers reads the [ODBC Drivers] section of the system information and returns a list of descriptions of the installed drivers.
SQLGetPrivateProfileString SQLGetPrivateProfileString gets a list of names of values or data corresponding to a value of the system information.
SQLInstallerError SQLInstallerError returns error or status information for the ODBC installer functions.
SQLManageDataSources SQLManageDataSources displays a dialog box with which users can set up, add, and delete data sources in the system information.
SQLNativeSql SQLNativeSql returns the SQL string as modified by the driver. SQLNativeSql does not execute the SQL statement.
SQLRowCount SQLRowCount returns the number of rows affected by an UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE statement.
SQLSetConfigMode Sets the configuration mode that indicates where the Odbc.ini entry listing DSN values is in the system information.
SQLSetEnvAttr SQLSetEnvAttr sets attributes that govern aspects of environments.
SQLTables Returns the list of table, catalog, or schema names, and table types, stored in a specific data source. The driver returns the information as a result set.
Code examples:
Establishing connection using the SQLDriverConnect
Enumerating ODBC Data Sources available on the local computer
Obtaining list of tables stored in an ODBC Data Source
Using vendor-neutral SQL constructs
Using SQLBrowseConnect to connect to a data source through a number of iterative calls (SQL Server)
Testing an ODBC connection for supporting specific functionality
Retrieveing general information about the driver and data source associated with an ODBC connection
How to display a dialog box with which the user can add a data source (DSN)
Enumerating ODBC drivers available on the local computer
How to obtain the number of rows affected by remote UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE statement
How to retrieve list of system DSNs (Data Source Name) with parameters
Adding an ODBC data source with the SQLConfigDataSource; use automatic or interactive mode
Retrieving current settings for an ODBC connection
The SQLGetProp() creates a bridge between Visual FoxPro and the ODBC API
List of ODBC drivers installed (read from the [ODBC Drivers] section)
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