Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
Function Groups:
All Functions 1306
Atom 1
Authentication 14
Authorization 6
Bitmap 9
Brush 2
Clipboard 20
Color 1
Common Dialog Box 12
Console 12
Coordinate Space and Transformation 9
Cryptography Reference 28
Cursor 5
Data Decompression Library 3
Debugging 2
Desktop Window Manager (DWM) 1
Device Context 13
Device Input and Output 1
Dialog Box 6
DNS Functions 1
Dynamic-Link Library 6
Error Handling 10
Event Logging 10
Extensible Storage Engine (ESE, Jet Blue) 23
File Management 49
File Mapping 4
File System 19
Filled Shape 2
Font and Text 13
GDI+ 6
GDI+ Bitmap 10
GDI+ Brush 4
GDI+ Font 9
GDI+ Graphics 28
GDI+ Image 20
GDI+ ImageAttributes 3
GDI+ Matrix 10
GDI+ PathGradient Brush 3
GDI+ Pen 2
GDI+ StringFormat 2
GDI+ Text 2
Handle and Object 4
Hook 2
HTTP Functions (WinHTTP) 12
Icon 7
Internet Functions (WinInet) 49
IP Helper 24
Kernel Transaction Manager 3
Keyboard Input 22
Mailslot 3
Memory Management 26
Menu 18
Message and Message Queue 12
Metafile 6
Monitor Configuration (Vista) 8
Mouse Input 8
MSHTML Reference 1
Multilingual User Interface 4
Multiple Display Monitors 2
National Language Support 20
Network Management 34
Painting and Drawing 17
Path 3
Performance Monitoring 12
Pipe 5
PnP Configuration Manager 6
Power Management 6
Printing and Print Spooler 35
Process and Thread 31
Raw Input 4
Region 7
Registry 21
Remote Access Service (RAS) 5
Remote Application Programming (RAPI) 49
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) 7
Resource 10
Security 22
Service 11
Setup API functions 7
Shell Functions 39
Shell Lightweight Utility APIs -- misc. functions 2
Shell Lightweight Utility APIs -- Path Functions 20
Shell Lightweight Utility APIs -- string functions 4
Simple MAPI 9
String 10
Synchronization 13
System Information 23
System Shutdown 5
Terminal Services 10
Time 16
Unicode and Character Set 2
URL Monikers 7
Version Information 2
Virtual Hard Disk (Win7) 4
Window 37
Window Class 8
Window Procedure 3
Window Property 3
Window Station and Desktop 7
Windows Controls 8
Windows Multimedia 76
Windows Networking 18
Windows Sockets 2 (Winsock) 38
Painting and Drawing            ..msdn    Add comment
DrawAnimatedRects The DrawAnimatedRects function draws a wire-frame rectangle and animates it to indicate the opening of an icon or the minimizing or maximizing of a window.
DrawCaption The DrawCaption function draws a window caption.
DrawEdge The DrawEdge function draws one or more edges of rectangle.
DrawFrameControl The DrawFrameControl function draws a frame control of the specified type and style.
GdiFlush Flushes the calling thread`s current batch.
GdiGetBatchLimit Returns the maximum number of function calls that can be accumulated in the calling thread`s current batch.
GdiSetBatchLimit Sets the maximum number of function calls that can be accumulated in the calling thread`s current batch. The system flushes the current batch whenever this limit is exceeded.
GetBkMode Returns the current background mix mode for a specified device context. The background mix mode of a device context affects text, hatched brushes, and pen styles that are not solid lines.
GetBoundsRect The GetBoundsRect function obtains the current accumulated bounding rectangle for a specified device context. The system maintains an accumulated bounding rectangle for each application. An application can retrieve and set this rectangle.
GetWindowDC The GetWindowDC function retrieves the device context (DC) for the entire window, including title bar, menus, and scroll bars
GetWindowRgnBox Retrieves the dimensions of the tightest bounding rectangle for the window region of a window.
LockWindowUpdate The LockWindowUpdate function disables or enables drawing in the specified window. Only one window can be locked at a time.
PaintDesktop Fills the clipping region in the specified device context with the desktop pattern or wallpaper.
SetBkColor The SetBkColor function sets the current background color to the specified color value, or to the nearest physical color if the device cannot represent the specified color value.
SetBkMode Sets the background mix mode of the specified device context. The background mix mode is used with text, hatched brushes, and pen styles that are not solid lines.
SetWindowRgn Sets the window region of a window. The window region determines the area within the window where the system permits drawing. The system does not display any portion of a window that lies outside of the window region
WindowFromDC Returns a handle to the window associated with the specified display device context (DC).
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