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Function Groups:
All Functions 1306
Atom 1
Authentication 14
Authorization 6
Bitmap 9
Brush 2
Clipboard 20
Color 1
Common Dialog Box 12
Console 12
Coordinate Space and Transformation 9
Cryptography Reference 28
Cursor 5
Data Decompression Library 3
Debugging 2
Desktop Window Manager (DWM) 1
Device Context 13
Device Input and Output 1
Dialog Box 6
DNS Functions 1
Dynamic-Link Library 6
Error Handling 10
Event Logging 10
Extensible Storage Engine (ESE, Jet Blue) 23
File Management 49
File Mapping 4
File System 19
Filled Shape 2
Font and Text 13
GDI+ 6
GDI+ Bitmap 10
GDI+ Brush 4
GDI+ Font 9
GDI+ Graphics 28
GDI+ Image 20
GDI+ ImageAttributes 3
GDI+ Matrix 10
GDI+ PathGradient Brush 3
GDI+ Pen 2
GDI+ StringFormat 2
GDI+ Text 2
Handle and Object 4
Hook 2
HTTP Functions (WinHTTP) 12
Icon 7
Internet Functions (WinInet) 49
IP Helper 24
Kernel Transaction Manager 3
Keyboard Input 22
Mailslot 3
Memory Management 26
Menu 18
Message and Message Queue 12
Metafile 6
Monitor Configuration (Vista) 8
Mouse Input 8
MSHTML Reference 1
Multilingual User Interface 4
Multiple Display Monitors 2
National Language Support 20
Network Management 34
Painting and Drawing 17
Path 3
Performance Monitoring 12
Pipe 5
PnP Configuration Manager 6
Power Management 6
Printing and Print Spooler 35
Process and Thread 31
Raw Input 4
Region 7
Registry 21
Remote Access Service (RAS) 5
Remote Application Programming (RAPI) 49
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) 7
Resource 10
Security 22
Service 11
Setup API functions 7
Shell Functions 39
Shell Lightweight Utility APIs -- misc. functions 2
Shell Lightweight Utility APIs -- Path Functions 20
Shell Lightweight Utility APIs -- string functions 4
Simple MAPI 9
String 10
Synchronization 13
System Information 23
System Shutdown 5
Terminal Services 10
Time 16
Unicode and Character Set 2
URL Monikers 7
Version Information 2
Virtual Hard Disk (Win7) 4
Window 37
Window Class 8
Window Procedure 3
Window Property 3
Window Station and Desktop 7
Windows Controls 8
Windows Multimedia 76
Windows Networking 18
Windows Sockets 2 (Winsock) 38
Clipboard            ..msdn    Add comment
AddClipboardFormatListener Places the given window in the system-maintained clipboard format listener list.
ChangeClipboardChain Removes a specified window from the chain of clipboard viewers.
CloseClipboard Closes the clipboard.
CountClipboardFormats The CountClipboardFormats function retrieves the number of different data formats currently on the clipboard
EmptyClipboard The EmptyClipboard function empties the clipboard and frees handles to data in the clipboard
EnumClipboardFormats The EnumClipboardFormats function lets you enumerate the data formats that are currently available on the clipboard
GetClipboardData The GetClipboardData function retrieves data from the clipboard in a specified format. The clipboard must have been opened previously.
GetClipboardFormatName The GetClipboardFormatName function retrieves from the clipboard the name of the specified registered format. The function copies the name to the specified buffer.
GetClipboardOwner The GetClipboardOwner function retrieves the window handle of the current owner of the clipboard
GetClipboardSequenceNumber Retrieves the clipboard sequence number for the current window station.
GetClipboardViewer The GetClipboardViewer function retrieves the handle of the first window in the clipboard viewer chain
GetOpenClipboardWindow Retrieves the handle to the window that currently has the clipboard open.
GetPriorityClipboardFormat The GetPriorityClipboardFormat function retrieves the first available clipboard format in the specified list.
GetUpdatedClipboardFormats Retrieves the currently supported clipboard formats.
IsClipboardFormatAvailable The IsClipboardFormatAvailable function determines whether the clipboard contains data in the specified format
OpenClipboard The OpenClipboard function opens the clipboard for examination and prevents other applications from modifying the clipboard content
RegisterClipboardFormat The RegisterClipboardFormat function registers a new clipboard format. This format can then be used as a valid clipboard format.
RemoveClipboardFormatListener Removes the given window from the system-maintained clipboard format listener list.
SetClipboardData The SetClipboardData function places data on the clipboard in a specified clipboard format
SetClipboardViewer Adds the specified window to the chain of clipboard viewers.
Code examples:
Passing data records between VFP applications via the Clipboard
Monitoring clipboard content changes (VFP9)
GDI+: copying to the Clipboard (a) image of active FoxPro window/form, (b) image file
Placing an arbitrary rectangular area of main VFP window on the Clipboard
Bitmap Class for Visual FoxPro application
Storing content of the Clipboard to a bitmap file
How to copy the image of a form to the Clipboard using Bitmap API functions
Getting a bit more than the _CLIPTEXT offers
Enumerating data formats currently available on the clipboard
Testing Clipboard functions: emptying the clipboard
Copying picture of the active form to the Clipboard using Enhanced Metafile API functions
Converting Unicode data from the Clipboard to a character string using a given code page
GDI+: Storing content of the Clipboard to a bitmap file
How to disable the Windows Clipboard (VFP9)
Number of clipboard formats available
Retrieving names for the registered clipboard formats
Who is the first in viewing the Clipboard
Who owns the Windows Clipboard
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