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Function Groups:
All Functions 1306
Atom 1
Authentication 14
Authorization 6
Bitmap 9
Brush 2
Clipboard 20
Color 1
Common Dialog Box 12
Console 12
Coordinate Space and Transformation 9
Cryptography Reference 28
Cursor 5
Data Decompression Library 3
Debugging 2
Desktop Window Manager (DWM) 1
Device Context 13
Device Input and Output 1
Dialog Box 6
DNS Functions 1
Dynamic-Link Library 6
Error Handling 10
Event Logging 10
Extensible Storage Engine (ESE, Jet Blue) 23
File Management 49
File Mapping 4
File System 19
Filled Shape 2
Font and Text 13
GDI+ 6
GDI+ Bitmap 10
GDI+ Brush 4
GDI+ Font 9
GDI+ Graphics 28
GDI+ Image 20
GDI+ ImageAttributes 3
GDI+ Matrix 10
GDI+ PathGradient Brush 3
GDI+ Pen 2
GDI+ StringFormat 2
GDI+ Text 2
Handle and Object 4
Hook 2
HTTP Functions (WinHTTP) 12
Icon 7
Internet Functions (WinInet) 49
IP Helper 24
Kernel Transaction Manager 3
Keyboard Input 22
Mailslot 3
Memory Management 26
Menu 18
Message and Message Queue 12
Metafile 6
Monitor Configuration (Vista) 8
Mouse Input 8
MSHTML Reference 1
Multilingual User Interface 4
Multiple Display Monitors 2
National Language Support 20
Network Management 34
Painting and Drawing 17
Path 3
Performance Monitoring 12
Pipe 5
PnP Configuration Manager 6
Power Management 6
Printing and Print Spooler 35
Process and Thread 31
Raw Input 4
Region 7
Registry 21
Remote Access Service (RAS) 5
Remote Application Programming (RAPI) 49
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) 7
Resource 10
Security 22
Service 11
Setup API functions 7
Shell Functions 39
Shell Lightweight Utility APIs -- misc. functions 2
Shell Lightweight Utility APIs -- Path Functions 20
Shell Lightweight Utility APIs -- string functions 4
Simple MAPI 9
String 10
Synchronization 13
System Information 23
System Shutdown 5
Terminal Services 10
Time 16
Unicode and Character Set 2
URL Monikers 7
Version Information 2
Virtual Hard Disk (Win7) 4
Window 37
Window Class 8
Window Procedure 3
Window Property 3
Window Station and Desktop 7
Windows Controls 8
Windows Multimedia 76
Windows Networking 18
Windows Sockets 2 (Winsock) 38
Windows Sockets 2 (Winsock)            ..msdn    Add comment
accept The accept function permits an incoming connection attempt on a socket.
bind The bind function associates a local address (IP address and port) with a socket.
closesocket The closesocket function closes an existing socket.
gethostbyaddr The gethostbyaddr function retrieves the host information corresponding to a network address.
gethostbyname The gethostbyname function retrieves host information corresponding to a host name from a host database.
gethostname The gethostname function retrieves the standard host name for the local computer.
getnameinfo Provides protocol-independent name resolution from an address to an ANSI host name and from a port number to the ANSI service name.
getprotobyname The getprotobyname function retrieves the protocol information corresponding to a protocol name.
getprotobynumber The getprotobynumber function retrieves protocol information corresponding to a protocol number.
getservbyname The getservbyname function retrieves service information corresponding to a service name and protocol.
getservbyport The getservbyport function retrieves service information corresponding to a port and protocol.
getsockopt The getsockopt function retrieves a socket option.
htonl The htonl function converts a u_long from host to TCP/IP network byte order (which is big endian).
htons The htons function converts a u_short from host to TCP/IP network byte order (which is big-endian).
inet_addr The inet_addr function converts a string containing an (Ipv4) Internet Protocol dotted address into a proper address for the IN_ADDR structure.
inet_ntoa The inet_ntoa function converts an (Ipv4) Internet network address into a string in Internet standard dotted format.
listen The listen function places a socket in a state in which it is listening for an incoming connection.
ntohl The ntohl function converts a u_long from TCP/IP network order to host byte order (which is little-endian on Intel processors).
ntohs The ntohs function converts a u_short from TCP/IP network byte order to host byte order (which is little-endian on Intel processors).
recv The recv function receives data from a connected or bound socket.
recvfrom Receives a datagram and stores the source address.
send The send function sends data on a connected socket.
sendto Sends data to a specific destination.
setsockopt The setsockopt function sets a socket option.
socket The socket function creates a socket that is bound to a specific service provider.
WSACleanup The WSACleanup function terminates use of the Ws2_32.dll.
WSACloseEvent The WSACloseEvent function closes an open event object handle.
WSAConnect Establishes a connection to another socket application, exchanges connect data, and specifies required quality of service based on the specified FLOWSPEC structure.
WSACreateEvent The WSACreateEvent function creates a new event object.
WSAEnumProtocols The WSAEnumProtocols function retrieves information about available transport protocols.
WSAEventSelect The WSAEventSelect function specifies an event object to be associated with the specified set of FD_XXX network events.
WSAGetLastError The WSAGetLastError function returns the error status for the last operation that failed.
WSARecv Receives data from a connected socket.
WSASend Sends data on a connected socket.
WSAStartup The WSAStartup function initiates use of Ws2_32.dll by a process.
WSAWaitForMultipleEvents The WSAWaitForMultipleEvents function returns either when one or all of the specified event objects are in the signaled state, or when the time-out interval expires.
ws_connect The connect function establishes a connection to a specified socket.
ws_select The select function determines the status of one or more sockets, waiting if necessary, to perform synchronous I/O.
Code examples:
Winsock: connecting to a news server (NNTP, port 119)
Winsock: sending email messages (SMTP, port 25)
Winsock: reading email messages (POP3, port 110)
How to build UDP responder
Winsock: retrieving directory listing from an FTP server using passive data connection (FTP, port 21)
How to create non-blocking Winsock server
Winsock: retrieving Web pages using sockets (HTTP, port 80)
A client for testing non-blocking Winsock server
Winsock: resolving an address to a host name
Winsock: changing the byte ordering
Retrieving the IP-to-physical address mapping table
How to ping a remote site using ICMP API calls
Winsock: retrieving the host information corresponding to a network address
Retrieving the interface–to–IP address mapping table
Winsock: reading and setting socket options
Winsock: retrieving the standard host name and IP address for the local machine
How to retrieve network parameters for the local computer (including Host name, Domain name, and DNS Server)
Winsock: retrieving information from a host database for a given host name
Winsock: how to retrieve a service information corresponding to a service name
Winsock: how to retrieve the protocol information corresponding to a protocol number
Winsock: creating a socket that is bound to a specific service provider
Winsock: how to retrieve a service information corresponding to a port
Winsock: retrieving information about available transport protocols
Winsock: how to retrieve the protocol information corresponding to a protocol name
Retrieving the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) listener table
Winsock: initializing the service in the VFP application
How to ping a remote site using IP Helper API calls
Obtaining MAC address through Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) request
User Contributed Notes:
Don Higgins | 2006-08-27 22:58:19
I am not sure where to post this question.

Is there any function I can use to read a USB port for data like I do a comm port? | 2007-04-19 10:13:50
I am using Visual Foxpro-6 and I build Exe of my project when i run exe file i received Fatel Error 00005.
Some one Please send the solution of this error on my EmailID :
Santiago Viso | 2014-10-02 15:04:37
I need a VFox event when data arrival.

This is possible?

You can develop a code for sample?

Thanks very much!

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