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Example: Custom FTP Class for Visual FoxPro application
Example: How to play AVI file on the _screen
Example: GDI+: Creating thumbnails to preview images in a directory
Example: Displaying hypertext links with the SysLink control (VFP9, Comctl32.dll)
Example: Winsock: resolving an address to a host name
Example: Winsock: retrieving directory listing from an FTP server using passive data connection (FTP, port 21)
Example: Listing child windows for the Windows desktop
Example: Reading list of folders and files on FTP server
Example: Downloading files from the FTP server using InternetReadFile
Example: Retrieving list of files on the FTP directory
Example: Using FtpCommand
Example: Uploading local file to FTP server with FtpPutFile
Example: How to retrieve the size of a remote file (FTP)
Function: FileTimeToSystemTime
Example: Creating a directory on the FTP
Example: Winsock: how to retrieve a service information corresponding to a service name
Example: How to download a file from the FTP server using FtpGetFile
Example: Winsock: changing the byte ordering
Function: InternetCloseHandle
Example: Reading Internet Query options
Example: Uploading file to the FTP server using InternetWriteFile
Example: How to delete file on FTP server
Example: How to remove FTP directory
Example: Using GetFileSize
Example: The DetectAutoProxyUrl function identifies the auto-config script location
Example: Converting path to original case
Example: Opening access to the Microsoft Internet functions for the application
Function: InternetConnect
Example: Obtaining provider name for a specific type of network
Function: InternetReadFile
Function: FtpGetCurrentDirectory
Function: FtpFindFirstFile
Function: FtpOpenFile
Function: FtpSetCurrentDirectory
Function: InternetFindNextFile
Function: InternetOpenUrl
Function: FtpPutFile
Example: Using GetCompressedFileSize (WinNT only)
Function: FtpGetFile
Function: InternetWriteFile
Function: FtpGetFileSize
Function: FtpCreateDirectory
Function: FtpCommand
Function: FtpRemoveDirectory
Function: FtpRenameFile
Function: FtpDeleteFile
Example: Using Custom FTP class (DEFINE CLASS ftp As Custom)
Function: GetNumberOfPhysicalMonitorsFromHMONITOR
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