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7 sec.Function: 'FtpOpenFile'
Function group: 'Internet Functions (WinInet)'
10 sec.
Function group: 'Terminal Services'
14 sec.Example: 'Switching between keyboard layouts'
18 sec.Function: 'GetTempFileName'
Function group: 'File Management'
22 sec.Function: 'GdipTranslateMatrix'
Function group: 'GDI+ Matrix'
26 sec.Function: 'GetWindowLong'
Function group: 'Window Class'
30 sec.
Function group: 'Dialog Box'
34 sec.Function: 'InternetCloseHandle'
Function group: 'Internet Functions (WinInet)'
38 sec.Example: 'How to retrieve the number of objects stored in the Recycle Bin'
43 sec.Function: 'CryptGetHashParam'
Function group: 'Cryptography Reference'
47 sec.Function: 'CryptHashData'
Function group: 'Cryptography Reference'
52 sec.Function: 'mmioAscend'
Function group: 'Windows Multimedia'
55 sec.Example: 'Obtaining names of local and global groups for current user (WinNT/XP/2K)'
1.02 min.Function: 'InternetAttemptConnect'
1.1 min.Example: 'How to change display settings: screen resolution, screen refresh rate'
1.18 min.Function: 'CryptEnumProviderTypes'
Function group: 'Cryptography Reference'
1.27 min.Example: 'Using an Event Object. Part B: running an application responding to events'
1.38 min.Function: 'CeCopyFile'
Function group: 'Remote Application Programming (RAPI)'
1.47 min.
Function group: 'GDI+ StringFormat'
1.55 min.Function: 'CryptUnprotectData'
Function group: 'Cryptography Reference'
1.62 min.Example: 'How to download this reference`s archive through WinInet functions using InternetOpenUrl'
1.72 min.
Function group: 'Network Management'
1.82 min.Function: 'WinHttpOpen'
1.92 min.Function: 'JetCloseDatabase'
2.02 min.Function: 'WSACloseEvent'
Function group: 'Windows Sockets 2 (Winsock)'
2.12 min.Example: 'GDI+: Using Scale and Shear transformations'
2.23 min.Function: 'HeapReAlloc'
Function group: 'Memory Management'
2.35 min.Function: 'send'
Function group: 'Windows Sockets 2 (Winsock)'
2.43 min.Example: 'Peer-to-peer LAN messenger built with Mailslot API functions'
2.6 min.Function: 'NetScheduleJobEnum'
Function group: 'Network Management'
2.78 min.Function: 'LockWorkStation'
2.98 min.Gallery
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3.17 min.Function: 'CeFindAllFiles'
Function group: 'Remote Application Programming (RAPI)'
3.35 min.Example: 'Using WM_COPYDATA for interprocess communication (VFP9)'
Language: 'C#'
3.58 min.Function: 'GetClassInfo'
Function group: 'Window Class'
3.82 min.Function: 'HeapSize'
4 min.Example: 'Class for sound recording'
4.22 min.Example: 'How to generate GUID values'
4.4 min.Function: 'SQLManageDataSources'
4.62 min.Example: 'The original LoadPicture() function in VFP returns valid handles to bitmaps, icons, cursors, and metafiles'
4.83 min.
Function group: 'Kernel Transaction Manager'
4.98 min.Example: 'Using Video Capture: enumerating installed capture drivers'
5.18 min.Function: 'getsockopt'
5.35 min.Function: 'waveInStart'
Function group: 'Windows Multimedia'
5.53 min.Function: 'GetMenuItemCount'
5.7 min.Function: 'WSAStartup'
5.87 min.Function: 'ReleaseDC'
6.07 min.Function: 'NetGroupEnum'
Function group: 'Network Management'
6.27 min.Example: 'Placing an arbitrary rectangular area of main VFP window on the Clipboard'
6.5 min.Function: 'ConfigurePort'
6.7 min.Example: 'How to change display settings: screen resolution, screen refresh rate'
Language: 'C++'
6.92 min.
Function group: 'National Language Support'
7.15 min.Example: 'Printing Image File, programmatically set print page orientation to landscape'
7.33 min.Examples
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7.55 min.Example: 'How to display Windows On-Screen Keyboard'
Language: 'C++'
7.73 min.Example: 'Terminating all running applications from a VFP program'
7.93 min.Function: 'Shell_NotifyIcon'
Function group: 'Shell Functions'
8.13 min.Function: 'EnumJobs'
8.33 min.Function: 'CryptDestroyKey'
8.5 min.Example: 'How to prevent users from accessing the Windows Desktop and from switching to other applications'
8.73 min.Example: 'Retrieving graphic capabilities of your display'
8.95 min.Function: 'EnumPorts'
9.15 min.Example: 'A client for testing non-blocking Winsock server'
9.35 min.Function: 'CreatePipe'
9.53 min.Function: 'GetWindowRect'
Function group: 'Window'
9.73 min.Function: 'timeGetDevCaps'
Function group: 'Windows Multimedia'